Prayer on behalf of a helpless father

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On the road to church today, we heard the consistent tooting of a car’s horn that was approaching from behind. This isn’t something new if you live in Ghana. It’s preferably considered quicker to use any personal form of transportation rather than wait on an ambulance.

Out of curiosity my husband and I turned towards the sound of the car which was at this time alongside our car. I saw a taxi with a woman at the back seat and a man in the front seat. The father was carrying a child of not more than a year old.

The father had tears in his ears and looked really broken. Very sad. I wondered what was wrong with the child and I hoped and prayed that they receive quick medical care to help soothe this crying father especially in the midst of the ongoing strike by the doctors.

I pray God heals this child to bring a smile to the lips of his parents.

I pray that the taxi takes them safely to whichever medical facility they are heading to.

I pray for inner strength for the parents to care for their son.

Lastly, if the child doesn’t survive, I pray that God gives the parents the grace and strength to handle it and keep in mind that with God everything happens for a reason. I pray that they do not end up losing faith in God. For in his time he makes all things beautiful.


If you are reading this, please say a prayer on their behalf.

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