In loving memory of King George the 1st


2 November 2015

Don’t be mistaken, I am not referring to King George of royal blood and descent. This was my dad’s nickname. He appointed himself the first and one and only King of Ehie his home town, in the Volta region of Ghana. Had he been alive today, he would have been 77 years old.


Today being his birthday, I dedicate this post to his memory.

He was in the army so you can imagine the level of strictness we were exposed to growing up.

He was the kind of dad who would make you write essays on school excursions and even personal visits. I remember once when my sis and I went to visit my cousin in Somanya, I ended up writing an essay on it. Instead of enjoying my visit I was taking notes on the trip. Not anyone’s idea of a fun trip. Dare you not to write it, because he will surely mark it and give feedback.

He had a huge dictionary from his Cambodia days, from which he always made us refer to especially after writing an essay or when you commit a grammatical error. We were all victims including his wife, our mum. He once asked me the term for one who massages people. My answer was ‘massager’. He laughed at me and as usual told me to bring the dictionary. That was when I learnt the term ‘masseur’. He teases in an annoying way but in the end you learn something.

I remember at Christ The King, when we had to choose activities to engage in after school. He wanted me to opt for sewing which I didn’t like as against being a part of the Girls’ guide. I switched to Girls’ guide but he never knew. Guess who he calls everytime he wants something sewn or mended. Me! To avoid any suspicions (lol), I had to learn to sew before he started to suspect I didn’t sign up for sewing.

End of school term was a nightmare. My dad would usually perform analytics on our report cards. He took it subject by subject, then overall performance before your class teacher’s overall comments. He would say, ‘Last term you were 5th, this term 8th. What happened?’ You would think he won’t have any comments where your performance improved. He surely did! He would say, ‘Although you performed well, remember the sky is not the limit’. That was the kind of dad we had.

My dad could easily find some unplanned chore for you to do. Once we heard his car in the drive way, we would all leave the hall to our rooms because he was sure to find work for you to do should he find you just sitting and watching TV. So out of sight, out of mind worked very well for us.

His focus was on studying hard and excelling.

He was once admitted at the hospital coincidentally his sister was also at the same hospital. My dad was warned not to go see her to prevent her from worrying and worsening her condition. He heard but still ignored this. He visited her in his pyjamas too! His response when she asked what he was doing at the hospital by his sister was, he decided to pass by on his morning stroll. Who goes strolling in a pyjamas so early in the morning? Luckily our home was not too far off from the hospital. I think she took his story with a pinch of salt:D

He was difficult, strict and sometimes annoying. He knew it but he didn’t care much. Lol

There are loads of funny memories which could be published as a book. It’s unfortunate you passed without meeting your granddaughter just 2 days short. I couldn’t visit you much in the hospital because I was also battling with my pregnancy. The last word you had with me over the phone whilst you were at the hospital was you mentioning my name. You passed on the day I was scheduled to check in at the hospital.

I didn’t cry because I knew you were going to a much better place. More comfortable and painless. I was just grateful to God you lived to 76 years. I was only sad you didn’t wait for just a few days to meet your granddaughter who came to the world 2 days after you passed and your grandson who came in the month of your burial. But all the same we are still grateful to God.

King George 1, Happy birthday and may your soul continue to rest in perfect peace.


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