Love and the Holy Trinity

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Genesis 3:21-22

Genesis 3 : 21-22

Genesis 3:21

This verse is a clear demonstration of God’s love. Even after Adam and Eve disobeyed Him, he still clothed them as a loving father would to hide their nakedness and shame.

After rebuking them he still helped to cover up their shame.

In life we should not remain angry forever. We should learn to forgive and extend a hand of love to others irrespective of how they treat us like God did.

Genesis 3:22

The ‘us’ in the memory verse kept me thinking. It was only God who was in existence so who was He referring to? As a Catholic, I believe this gives credence to the existence of the Holy Trinity; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.


A bible passage a day keeps the devil away.

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