Excelling with Microsoft Excel: Self-learning series 2 (Accessibility options)


This is the 2nd of my self-learning series, the first one was on Shortcuts and sparklines.  If you are interested in taking the online e-learning independently, you can check out the link here >>>Microsoft Excel 2010 course, it is administered by Alison.

Key learning points for today

Accessibility options

The essence of this Excel functionality is to make your workbook or sheet user-friendly for all especially for the visually impaired. Just like me, am sure this does not often cross our mind. We always assume the final users would not encounter any challenges in navigating our completed spreadsheets.

Enough of the explanations, let me hit the nail on the head. I have painstakingly taken screenshots of the step by step procedure to guide anyone who would want to explore this Excel functionality.

a) Open your Excel worksheet, select Filethen click on Info.

Select check for issues.


b) Three sub-options would be displayed namely: Inspect document, check accessibility and check compatibility. For this session, select check accessibility.


c) Issues will be displayed at the right hand corner of your worksheet. Example of how its shown is reflected in the screenshot below. 


It would also include information oh how to fix these errors as illustrated below.image

After you successfully clear all the issues, you would finally have your user-friendly workbook. Kudos!

Hope you found this useful and learnt something new as I did today.

Comment directly with your questions or send them to omtsdigest@gmail.com. I will be happy to research and provide answers.

You can join me on this educational journey on twitter @mophie227 or on my blog


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