Family time


The topic I opted for today reminds me of my dad. Allow me to sidetrack a bit, Back in primary school he used to guide me with my homework. He was more like an extension of my school hours………that’s not something every kid enjoys. He would go through just one of my maths assignment questions with me and leave me to solve the rest in my jotter for pre – marking (definition of pre-marking: he marks it, i work on my corrections, transfer to my homework book and there is the final check before he signs off on the assignment)….looooooooooooonnnnnng process for just a primary school assignment . ….and woe betides me should i repeat a mistake he has already tutored me on…..the look alone could give you the shivers and can miraculously correct any mistakes with just the snap of a finger.

With time I turned to my siblings for homework assistance. He however noted it one day and questioned me. “It’s been a while you came to daddy with your assignments, don’t your teachers give you any homework these days?” I responded and immediately  he started laughing  because he knew the reason. That’s life as the daughter of an army officer. Let me get back to the essence of my post for today, Family.

It’s common in present times for work and other pressures to end up robbing us of quality time with those who matter to us. Family is very key and of essence. My focus for today is to share 5 short statements concerning the family. I am a family person and I seek to inspire others to consciously make that effort to spend quality time and prioritise their family accordingly. So here goes:

1. Minus God, there is no substitute for family ceteris paribus.


2. Family and career are inversely proportional to each other, it’s your choice of which option you prefer to outweigh the other.


3. Devoting a fraction of your busy time for family can make a lot of difference. You might be surprised.


4. Reduce or subtract from your life any activity that robs you of quality time with family and friends.


5. Family is the constant of time’s formula and other things are the variables.



NB: The mathematicians can assist me with proof of these formulae.

Let us not wait until it is too late to make amends. If the hands of time could  be rewound life would be easy, but sadly, it’s not the case.

Feature image credits: Citysunflower


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