The tale of the driver who killed two happy birds with his impatience

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I have always considered creating a personal blog that can inspire others and also seek to provide information that is relevant for others. Lots of thoughts kept running through my mind…..’How should I name the blog’, ‘What will be the theme of the blog?’, ‘What will be my opening write-up?’  What happened to my family over the weekend and how God saved us is what I finally decided to start with. God always has a reason for everything. It just requires patience and understanding on our part as humans.

I have lots to talk about including how God has been faithful to my family and I. It all began on 25 July 2015, the weekend we all looked forward to. My birthday was on a working day  (22 July) so we (my husband and I) agreed to have a birthday plus graduation celebration that weekend. The graduation ceremony was for my husband who had completed his Masters programme in marketing from the University of Ghana, Legon.

The ceremony was in the afternoon at 1 and we had arranged for a fumigation in the morning since we would be away from home virtually the most part of the day. We set off with my daily prayer for travelling mercies to and from home. God answered this prayer in the end, he always does. I sat at the back seat taking selfies with my daughter. It was a happy day for everyone. We set off immediately after the ceremony to avoid unnecessary traffic towards sakumono to drop off my husband’s uncle.

I fed our six months old baby and placed her in her car seat. At this point, I started to feel hungry so I started to eat my rice and beef sauce. Suddenly there was a LOUD BANG!, My food had fallen from my lap and was scattered all over the back seat. I was still confused, all I saw was my husband and uncle had stepped out of the car. They headed towards the driver of the other car who almost hurt us had my husband not been fast enough to break.

Pictures of the car after the accident
Car parked at the police station on 26.7.2015

car with logo 2

My state of shock was interrupted by loud cries from my baby, apparently she had turned over with her seat as a result of the impact. I quickly carried her and soothed her.

The baby she is, she started smiling as concerned onlookers came by to ask if she was fine. She had no idea what was going on. As adults, having the mind of a child can help us smile even in the midst of the worst storm.

To cut it short I had to take the lead with our darling and carry some personal effects to my mother-in-law’s end whilst my husband sorted out matters with the driver and the police.

I didn’t witness what caused the accident but as it happens the bridal car occupied by the newly weds was on its way home after the wedding reception and the driver was driving at top speed with his hazard on, in the middle of the road. The rate of indiscipline on our roads in Ghana is something to talk about another time. He didn’t realise that cars from both sides had stopped to give us the opportunity to join the road. You can picture what happened next.

What happened to the couple? I left before they did but another car had to come pick them up and they had to report to the police station the following day. What a way to end such a happy occasion.

The sad part for us is the fact that we couldn’t have our  planned celebration and we also couldn’t take the graduation cum family picture with the graduate. We got home at midnight not to sleep but to wipe and air the rooms due to the early morning fumigation exercise. We were subsequently too tired to even wash up and went straight to bed in our outing shada.

The impatience of one person has messed up a happy day for two different passengers: the wedding couple and my family.

To sum it all, my husband and I are grateful to God for saving us. No one was hurt, we were very thrilled and grateful that our baby girl was fine.

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