The little things we take for granted


If you believe for the mere fact that once you are a Christian, you should not encounter any suffering, sadness or pain in your life, then I beg to differ. Do not allow one bad experience to affect your faith in God. Before you rush to become an unbeliever think through the following:

You woke up in good health, meaning God has given you another opportunity to right your wrongs. Bear in mind that others missed out on this. Others are battling with life elsewhere and would give anything to be fit and strong as you are or have just a day to right their wrongs. As the saying goes, “once there is life, there is hope”.

Ecclesiates 9:4 Credits:
Ecclesiates 9:4

You have food on your table and clothes to wear. All by His wonderful grace. Bear in mind that others are dying from starvation and relying on others to clothe them. In all this, their faith never wavers.


This reminds me of my senior high school dinning hall prayer, ‘Some get but do not want, Some want but do not get. For all we have, we are truly thankful. AMEN!’

You have sight to see the beauty of his creations. We often take this for granted. Have you wondered how the clouds stay up in the sky and how the sun and moon know when to appear? I guess not.

I could go on and on, but the point is irrespective of what you go through in life we shouldn’t forget to still be thankful to our Maker.

Going through bad times doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist.

In an exam, one error out of a lot of correct answers doesn’t render all your answers wrong. Going through bad times doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist. In fact, He does!!! He is shaping you to reach higher heights. Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines

Whenever you are down and close to questioning His existence, just stop there and start counting your many blessings and fish out the good in the bad situation. You will realise how truly blessed you are.


God has a reason for everything. Just believe and trust in him.

What are some of the little things you have been taking for granted?

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