Modern Superheroines

Modern Superheroines!


How do they do it? Going to work, making time to attend to the family especially the kids, etc. Do they have super powers? Do they receive any special motherhood training? These were questions I used to ask myself whenever I had an encounter with a working mother. I was always in awe of working mothers. I used to dread getting to that stage of life.

Fast forward to now………… at that stage I always dreaded. Most of you are already aware that I took a break and became a temporary stay at home mom. Even that was a lot of work, multi – tasking in between child care, keeping the home, blogging and freelancing was a lot of work!!!  Mind you, mine is just one kid. Kudos to all working moms!!! Am still in awe of working mothers with more than one child……….They are true MODERN SUPERHEROINES!!! I have lots of respect for them.


In GH, we all look forward to holidays. We don’t joke with them. So this Easter I had planned out my time including scheduling 2 or 3 blog posts, catching up on work to lessen the week’s workload among other things. I went home on Thursday excited and looking forward to the loooooooonnnnngggggg weekend, but alas my cute boss had other plans for us. She had a temperature so we decided to go to the hospital on Friday (first day of holiday) for a quick checkup then later go shopping for some stuff for her. Never in our wildest dreams did we think little boss lady would get admitted! We were truly unprepared, it was obvious from our facial expressions and initial reluctance. It was concluded she had malaria so she…..I mean WE……. had to spend the night at the hospital. Big shake up to my perfectly planned Easter holiday. We had to reluctantly stay but what really pierced my heart was the point at which we had to pin her down (two doctors, husband and myself) to insert the IV for the drip. Her screams teared me up. I was close to tears, had it taken any longer am sure you would find both mother and child crying. 🙂 Let me use this opportunity to appeal to scientists to invent alternative ways to provide healthcare for babies which is less painful than seeing these little gifts of God squirm and cry in pain. It’s heartbreaking. Anyways, the long and short of it all was that we spent the night but as kids, the temptation to take out the IV is high so they need to be watched 24/7 meaning no sleep for me. 😦 Although I managed to steal some 2-3 minutes periodic sleep. Being at the hospital meant delay in folding of laundered clothing, ironing, rescheduling personal and work plans etc but our kids are the reason for our sacrifices, so why complain?  I lacked sleep and unfortunately my best friend and support was also ill.  Probably father daughter bond, both fell ill at almost the same time with the same sickness. Bye, bye to my perfectly laid out plans.

Kids are gifts from God and they bring perfect and beautiful disorder to our lives.

I was tired but I don’t know how I managed to still cook up something, bathe madam etc who also decided not to sleep unless I held her, slowing me down in the process and draining my already tired self. I was exhausted but I still managed to gather some strength. After all she is my life, the reason behind most of my decisions in life.


At the hospital there was a lady whose 2 sons were also admitted. I could imagine what she was going through. In the end she still manages to go to work and excel at the workplace. I ask again………How do they do this?

My conclusion is that it’s not magic or any super powers, it’s all by the Grace of God. Going back to work after being a temporary stay at home mother, I expected to mess up at work and home. But strangely enough, although it’s tough sometimes I dare say we (ALL WORKING MOTHERS) have done well. I have to wake up early to bathe her, dress her up, ensure she has enough packed food, change of clothes, sterilised zippy cups, enough wipes and diapers, feed her before getting to work etc. It’s chaotic.


What gets me through the day is her excited face and welcome that meets me every time I pick her up after work. On a tiring day, I just stare at her pic and that’s it! No need for energy boosters. I get the vim to make it through the day!

I am grateful to God for helping me transition smoothly although I have still not fully perfected the skill. I always ensure that I make maximum use of working hours so there is no need to work extra hours when I get home. That is not even an option , little boss lady won’t allow that. I set daily work goals of 2 or 3 and ensure that I complete them before the end of the working day to ensure I am effective both at work and at home. They are interlinked.

Mother’s work and take care of kids, yet they are expected to achieve same results as their male colleagues. Don’t get me wrong, it can be done but it requires sacrificing a bit of your family time for it. So how can employers help career mother’s at the workplaces to bring out their maximum best?

1. Providing flexible working hours for mothers. Undue advantage should however not be taken by mother’s to ruin the chances  for others in future.

2. Creating a nursery at the workplace makes it convenient for mothers. And I can bet that these moms will work extra hours without complaining because most mother’s close at 5 sharp to attend to their family. Recently saw some pictures of MTN Ghana’s nursery.  Why won’t the mothers stay and work till the nursery closes at 7pm. Both the company and mother gain in the end. Kudos!!! Hope more companies follow in their footsteps. I know DataBank also has a nursery.

Pictures of MTN’s nursery






Share your stories if you are a working mother. How do you make it through a typical day? What is the source of your drive in life?

Let’s help colleague working mothers and future mothers to adjust to this messy and beautiful phase of life by sharing our stories.

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