Capturing and sharing your little angels’ special moments


All first time parents are overjoyed when their bundle of joy is welcomed into the world after waiting for the long 9 months period. They finally get to meet this cute little angel. It’s a feeling no amount of words can describe. All the special moments, first times and milestones reached need to be captured to share with family and friends. This post seeks to recommend a few apps to help achieve this and also obtain additional suggestions from others on other platforms that serve the same purpose. I would explore Facebook, 23 snaps and lifecake in this short post. The choice depends on the parents and what they are looking out for. Decision could be made based on the cost involved, its user-friendly state, privacy and convenience.


Facebook secret group image

Most people are not aware that a secret group can be created on Facebook. Posts made in this group are only visible to members of this group. Advantage is it doesn’t appear in searches made by non-group members. A group can be easily created with selected family and friends to keep them updated and also share those special baby moments with them. Am assuming pictures can be downloaded by members of the group directly to their local drive or phone or privacy settings can be edited to prevent this. I have personally not used this option yet. Refer to How to create a group for steps on how to create a secret group on Facebook.

23 snaps

23 snaps
Image from 23snaps

I love this app very much. It is convenient and user-friendly. This app allows you to upload pictures and invite people via whatsapp or email. I will call it the Facebook for families. Invited people can comment, like, smile or love an uploaded picture or videos. Users get real-time updates. It’s the best family album in my opinion. Am sure there are equally good apps I am not aware of yet. One positive thing with this app is that users can only view pictures and not download them. This is the perfect app for very private parents. Click this link to signup for 23snaps and to know what others are saying about this app see 23snaps reviews.


Lifecake logo: Sourced from

This is a baby photo album app similar to 23 snaps. I have had no first hand experience with it yet. Reviews provided on the Playstore are positive and encouraging. It is also a great option to use to share memories with family and friends. You can always check it out and share your views. Refer to link for Lifecake signup and scroll down on the same page to read what others are saying.

This post aims to inform parents out there who are not aware of the existence of these cool apps, as such any suggestions, disagreements and recommendations are welcome to help provide varied options for parents out there.


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