My special “Js”

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First published: 6 July 2016

Stuck in traffic on my way to work one morning, I began to recount certain aspects of my life (no worries, I wasn’t completely absentminded plus it’s dangerous to be distracted whilst driving)…….it was at that point that it dawned on me……..I seem to have a special relationship with the letter “J”.
As I sit here typing (I am not the only one typing though, my daughter is busily typing on the same keyboard with me, its a struggle), I am laughing at myself because I realise I am just like the guy who studied all about birds for his exam. On the day of the exam, no questions were set on birds. The questions were all related to trees. And of course he couldn’t let all that bird knowledge go to waste, he had to write something.

Question: What is a tree? Discuss trees.

Answer: Birds fly and perch on trees. At this point, one may ask what is a bird?………

(The rest is history, he wrote out all his apor on birds on the paper)

…….Back to myself, I have forced myself to extract all my life’s connections with the letter “J”.

Firstly, I am a July born and so is my mother. Oh yeah, July borns rock!!! For my forced “J” affiliation, let me include January and June borns too.

And my three special angels Jayden, Jordan and Jesse (smiling to myself, they have made me the better person I am today). Thanks to all who supported us during that period. God truly bless you!

Although dad passed away in January, I welcomed in the same month my junior boss lady, Janessa and life has never been the same……(when I say life has not been the same, I mean at home I am no longer the boss, I have to seek permission from her before committing to any appointments). Now tell me, who is the boss now?

Today 6 July 2016 is our third anniversary, it has not been an easy journey. We have encountered ups and downs, we certainly needed some downs to change our perspectives for the better and make us stronger and more united as a couple. Through it all, we are grateful to God for all he has done.

Did I tell you my husband is Junior and I am Jane?……………………………Just joking I am still trying to forcefully create connections to the letter “J”.

Although I have no “J” in my name, it’s no wonder that my best paddy’s name starts with a “J”. I am sure you know him already.


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Oh yeah, you are right he is Jesus!

3 years might sound like a short period, but in days (1,095 days) it’s a long journey. Couldn’t have chosen a better partner and mate other than my hubby to embark on this journey.

JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE!!!!!!! my love. (Note another forced ahohyehy3 (affiliation) to the letter “J”) 🙂

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