The young Marathon “Rider”


It has always been my life goal to complete a full marathon (42km)……..”What for?”, one may ask. It’s just the inner satisfaction that I would get from completing a full marathon, knowing that I have been able to work hard to realise my marathon goal. Just like how anyone would feel when a lifetime goal or dream is achieved. The farthest I have done is the 21km, I am not a professional athlete but I strived through jogging, running and fast walking to cross the finish line that was never-ending . You would be sure to know when this is achieved, because I would be all over social media!!!

The Accra International Marathon, my first 21km marathon experience was a really fun one and of course I paid dearly after the race with painful muscle cramps and having to stick to flats for a few days……and the oooohhs and aaaahhhhss whenever I try to get up after sitting down for a while. It’s good for everyone at a point or the other in their life, to be spontaneous and take up new adventures. It’s always worth the experience!

In a bid to deceive myself that I would FINALLY achieve my marathon aspirations, I decided to register for the Millennium Marathon held on 3 September 2016 to prep and assess myself. I had to know if it was just wishful thinking or if I was indeed determined to achieve it. It’s always easier said than done!

I registered for the 5k fun race (I didn’t want any unnecessary stress) after managing to convince my husband to join. Unfortunately on that day, he was saved by the bell he had another equally important event to attend. To be frank I almost gave up till my husband suggested I go with my sister who agreed. For someone who had a goal, I wasn’t serious because prior to the start of the race, I told my sister that if we should get tired or the weather gets too hot we would just get a taxi to where we had parked and go back home. Afterall I wasn’t going to submit a report on this at the end :).

Heading towards the start line before the marathon

I took along my daughter’s “jaguar”, my boss lady is my human hand-bag, I go almost everywhere with her…… The race had already began when we arrived at the Independence square that day so we were left to figure out fellow 5k marathoners and walk alongside them. We met a Nigerian couple who were doing the 5k, but barely a few minutes after walking the man’s wife started experiencing painful leg cramps so that was the end of the race for both of them. Too bad…….he had to leave with her to get it attended to…..we moved on pushing madam in her car and walking at the same time. We received lots of stares and admiration from onlookers and other marathoners……….(wait a minute!)….did I say we? I meant madam who was just seated and not even burdened with the task of steering was rather the one receiving all the “fans”, my sister and myself who were exerting the energy were completely ignored. Life can be really unfair. 🙂

Along the course we met a group of men and a lady and as expected the sight of boss lady resulted in a conversation whilst we walked on. It was helpful to be truthful or I would have give up ages ago. They were so helpful to the extent that my new-found friend, helped us push madam’s cart till we crossed the finish line.

Photo credit: Millenium marathon

Now to the interesting bit of this experience. Through this marathon, we got to meet the survivor behind the miraculous heart surgery story. Remember? If it’s news let me refresh your memory, the story about the Ghanaian who needed to be operated on to save his life but was denied a UK Visa but God demonstrated his omnipotence through circumstances that are unbelievable and more of a testimony of his mighty works to get a doctor to fly down to Ghana to operate on him with the limited medical tools available.

Our GOD is indeed a GOD of miracles, we just to have to learn to fully trust and have faith in his plans for us.


You can check out the full details on, “The race against time and cold-hearted bureaucracy”. I remember the particular morning I saw the story on, I was in complete awe after reading the story. Our GOD is indeed a GOD of miracles, we just to have to learn to fully trust and have faith in his plans for us. As I always say, nothing happens by chance, everything happens for a good reason. As hard as this may sound especially when what you may be going through may be tough, but just hold on……God always gives us an icing on the cake, even when the cake is ruined and smudged.

…..God always gives us an icing on the cake, even when the cake is ruined and smudged.


He decided to take part in the 5k marathon to demonstrate the goodness of God in his life. Barely a year after a heart surgery!, here he was taking part in a marathon. So for those who are constantly making excuses to engage in any form of exercise to be fit, this story should change your mind or excuse my words, you are might probably be lazy or just like me with wishful thoughts of completing a full marathon. Remember this: words without actions are useless!

Won’t bore you with the curious personal questions I had concerning this whole episode but the essence of this blog post is to motivate those who are down and close to giving up on life. Whenever you are down remember: IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL IT’S DONE. Very powerful words.

We managed to all cross the finish line without breaking a sweat and not even realising it because we were all engaged in conversation. We concluded we were last for the 5k race because no one came running behind us and we got the last of the 5k medals. At the finish line guess who gets all the praises and admiration. Your guess is as good as mine, “THE LITTLE MARATHON RIDER”, not the mum with the bulging tummy or the heart surgery survivor and his team with the motivational words imprinted on their shirts, hmmmmmm……………..We were so absorbed in conversation or else boss lady would have become a local celebrity (hehehehehe), journalists present wanted to interview us. What would she have had to say? Just that her mother woke her up too early on a Saturday and although it was apparent she was not amused, she found herself been pushed in her little car around the streets of Osu. Oh yeah, before I forget, she got a medal too!!! Imagine this.

You can check these two websites if you have been motivated enough to take part in a marathon: Millennium marathon and Accra International Marathon (participated today, 30 October 2016 in the 5k with my “human hand-bag” and hubby). Was fun and great meeting former work colleagues and seeing older folks doing the half and full marathons. Pics would be put up soon.

Almost every marathon, I take part in comes with a different experience and all of them have been great so far! So next time you hear of a marathon why not challenge yourself to take part. You may never know who you might meet and end up been inspired by.


First published: 30 October 2016

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