My experiences as a mum- Eunice


If you missed the first post, it’s not too late to catch up…………Naana’s story.

Our mother for this week is Eunice Abbey and her story is surely worth the read. After reading her story, you have no RIGHT to give up on pursuing your dreams just because you are married and have a family………..

Her story begins………………..

Two weeks after my marriage, I had the opportunity to pursue my Master’s Degree in Norway. Whilst I had the unflinching support of husband to go, there were others who saw this as a ‘taboo’. How do you leave your husband behind after just two weeks of marriage? Well, I finally left and God being so good, he opened the same door for my husband a month later so we were finally reunited as a couple in Europe for two years.

I must say I was lucky to have escaped the pressure to give birth almost immediately after marriage given that, no baby was coming after almost four years into my marriage. I had my miracle baby girl second year into my PhD program in one of the universities in Hong Kong. I was in Ghana for data collection then and so I had the enormous support of my family taking care of the baby.

I was ‘slapped’ in the face with the realities of motherhood when I had to return to Hong Kong for studies. Should I leave my baby behind or not? She was only five months then and still breast-feeding. Again, many voices came in. Many said I could not cope with studies and motherhood so I should leave the baby behind.  I completely ruled out the possibility of deferring as the program was and still is no easy task. Deferring also meant losing my scholarship as I would not be able to complete within my given period. Deferral was out for me. Every new mum knows that feeling of being separated from your baby, I just could not deal with that.  I followed my heart, trusted God and took my baby along without knowing how it would all turn out. All these while, office duties had carried my husband outside Ghana so there was no way he could be of help physically.

Alone with my baby with no assistance from anyone, it took two weeks for us to settle in our new environment. I did my shopping in bits as I had to carry my daughter with me everywhere I went. My hands were full all the time, my schedules were tighter, I gave up most of my hobbies but none of these could surpass the joy of being with my baby.

I went to classes with my little scholar and attended every seminar with her, my supervisor and classmates were super helpful during these periods. They were tolerant when her ‘babyish’ syndrome set in. I had a friend who baby sat her for two hours whilst I did my second key presentation which I had only two days to prepare for. I did an excellent job by God’s grace. This meant a lot to me as I could not proceed to the next academic level without this presentation.

There were few times when I cried but most of the times, I laughed and was very happy with this whole experience. I did no academic work during the day time. It was completely dedicated to watching cartoons, learning rhymes, picking strolls and playing with my baby. My serious and effective academic works were from midnight onward when she went on her long sleep. My sleeping hours depreciated significantly as well.

Now in my final year and still on every move with my baby, I have not regretted bringing her along with me to Hong Kong. It was worth it, I have bonded well with her and God has been faithful. As I wrap up for the last ‘blast’ of my PhD somewhere next year, I am so used to my new routine which has also become my new hobby. I am so loving my experience as a new mum, honestly stressing but also a blessing.

To all new mums, potential mums and everyone reading this, never say it is impossible when you have not started or tried it. Follow your heart, trust God and you can do all things!

Eunice Adusei

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You never know, but the simplest of life experiences can just be the strong motivational force in the life of another. Sharing makes the difference…..


“Share your life with others. You will have a joyful life.” 

― Lailah Gifty Akita

6 comments on “My experiences as a mum- Eunice”

  1. Beautiful story I wish you the best as your move on further with your experience as a new mother…….congrats and may God continue to be with you Eunice Adusei

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  2. Congratulations Eunice. That is a bold step. Babies have the right to grow with their parents. U made the right choice. God bless u

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