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life is short
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Due to past experiences, I always wake up and pray to God on a daily basis for a good day and strength to face any storms the day may bring with it.

The morning of 10th August was just like any normal day. I woke up, attended to my usual morning chores and performed my routine morning check ups on my mum since the passing of my dad. I do that so she has someone to talk to and keep her occupied especially on her free days.

I got a call from my husband that to inform me of the passing of a neighbour. I was shocked at the news. This was a lady I spoke to last week. A very friendly and frank woman. We were lodging our complaints at the enclave to the ECG engineers who had passed through to help address them. Never occurred that it would be the last chat we would have, neither did she think so too. Very sad indeed! Life is short I thought, we have to make the most out of it. We never know when we would be called by our Creator.

I asked myself later on, Is life really short? No! This lady was blessed with over 40 years on earth, that is not short. In days, it would be 14,600 days. What did she do with her life? Was she a believer and doer type of christian? Did she have any unaddressed regrets before passing? Lots of questions, but the best person to provide these answers is no longer with us.

We can learn from her and all other people who have passed on unexpectedly. Usually when we use the term ‘life is short’, we think of partying, having fun, among other things.

So next time you think of the limited time you have to spend on earth just ponder on the following:

  • Am I living a life that brings glory to God?
  • Am I harboring any hatred towards someone to the extent that I am unable to forgive?
  • In my daily hustle and bustle, am I spending more time with my family and friends?
  • Have I attempted taking any positive risks in life?
  • Am I living a life worthy of emulation and what legacy am I leaving behind?

Just the same way we talk about having limited time and making the most of it, let’s also make the most out of our life on this earth. Have fun, smile often, forgive, be slow to anger, pray often, undertake new ventures because time is ticking away, tick!tock!tick!tock!

We never know when death would come knocking at our door. I will conclude with the lyrics of Bernice Offei’s ‘life is short’ track.

It was back yesterday you were a baby
But so soon you are growing too
And before you know it you’ve become a lady
Or a man with children too

Then your health and strength begins to fail you
And you say now what shall I do
Because the days and years you may have wasted
May be memories haunting you.

So you see my brother that life is so short
It passes so quickly and soon it’s gone
You just have one life to live on earth
So remember your creator while you have breath. (Repeat once)

You part with a loved one and say “See you tomorrow!”
Tomorrow comes but he may be gone
They tell you your friend has left you in sorrow
Then your worlds come crushing down

Life is just like a little flower
Today is here
Tomorrow is gone
So don’t just chase after riches and power
‘Cause they fail you when time is gone.


Source of lyrics: http://www.blayleak.com/lyrics-bernice-offei-life-is-so-short/

Bernice Offei’s Life is short video: https://youtu.be/pATaSc7Csdo

Image used in blog post obtained from http://www.jeremiah-2911.com/2015/07/life-is-short.html

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First published : August 2015