Diary of a Ghanaian taxi driver 3

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This post has been sitting in my drafts since June 2016, that’s how long I have been preoccupied with family, work and other equally important things. This is a continuation of my personal project of documenting my encounters with taxi drivers.

On this particular day my assigned official car had gone for servicing so I had to wait to be picked by hubby. He was also stuck in traffic around Kanda and we had to pick our daughter up from school latest by 6pm to avoid paying any late penalty fees. It’s not that much but as an accountant it’s a cost that could be prevented and utilised in other areas………….the opportunity cost of money…………in order to avoid it we decided that I would take a cab to her school for him to pick us both from her school. I don’t recall the name of the driver but we had an interesting conversation………

Date and time check: 30 June 2016 at 5:24pm

Me: How long have you been in the taxi driving business?

Driver: I have been doing this for the past 10 years.

Me: Is this your own car?

Driver: Yes. I initially started as a side driver, then later saved to buy my own cab.

Me: How much did it cost you?

Driver: GHS 6,000

Me: So how are your earnings like?

Driver: On average I can make GHS40 per day and GHS1,000 on a monthly basis.

Me: Are you married (Me and my small body with the BIG mouth!)

Driver: No am not. I got my heart-broken by a lady and since then it is difficult for me to trust ladies. Luckily I was saved and counselled by a pastor.

This is the part that kills me…………..

Driver: Although am not married, as a man I have to satisfy my desires.

Me: Please explain further, I don’t understand. (I asked in an innocent tone).

Driver: I patronize the services of the night workers at St. John’s (area at Dome).

Me: Why do you do that if you are not married? Your pastor and God won’t like it. And how much do you pay for this?

Driver: About GHS50

Me: Instead of going this way why don’t you save the money and settle down with a respectable lady?

(He laughs at my proposition then says he has heard me)

Ironically just when we got to my destination and I was about paying up his pastor called……..I told him to tell his pastor what he has been up to.

I discovered a new short cut the same day thanks to this driver. That’s the route I now use to drop and pick up my daughter which helps me escape the Westlands traffic.So sometimes it’s worth it to ditch your ride and pick a cab or troski!!!

Share your taxi driver experiences with us: the lessons and the fun stories and you would be featured on this blog. Use the hashtag ‘taxidriverdiaries’ and ‘omtsdigest’.


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