Birthday wahala and an itsy-bitsy dose of egocentricity

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July, one of My special “Js” is my best month because it’s the month of my birth and wedding among other factors. And also by way of information, it’s my birthday today (let the well wishes flow). 

Before you start requesting for your cake and party please read this post and you might possibly have a change of mind. :). If you don’t, then you probably didn’t read it well. 
We know the current trend where it’s the birthday celebrant’s responsibility to fete the other non-celebrants. We expect a celebration for us to be invited to chow without any contributions. Yup…I said it! Don’t get me wrong. Am not an angel myself. I am always expecting a cake or some goodies from the birthday celebrant. It’s a happy day so why not share and help your friends celebrate it. When my daughter hears birthday she links it to balloons, cake and the birthday song. Her interest is in eating the cake. Am just like her sometimes and so are you. Will it be different if one day we just decide to shift from this norm and rather give to the celebrant rather than expect from the celebrant? Just think about it.

Let’s link it to our spiritual life. We are all so excited as Christmas approaches. Oh yeah… all plans put in place from the beginning of the year would be executed. Christmas shopping, partying, eating………..list is endless. Notice one thing, 90% of the time we forget that Christmas symbolises the birth of Christ and not about the fun and holidays we are going to have. Jesus Christ should be celebrated, we should extend help to others, live a life that will draw attention to Christ. As Matthew 25:45 says, “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”  Christ might not be physically seen at Christmas but our lives and how we treat others should be a manifestation of his presence and love. 

It’s not Christmas yet but this is my food for thought and I just had to post something on my blog just because it’s my birthday and I know its going to be wahala free with God in the vessel…..I will have a big fat smile on my face as I sail through life.

Now let me shift to part 2 of my post “the itsy-bitsy dose of egocentricity”. If you have been touched by part 1 and want to make my day find my wish list below… opportunity to display your selfless love for me 😂.

  1. Nissan Juke (link to car) wrapped in a pink bow. Am not fussy but if you want to go the extra mile you can get a brand new one.

NB: one year free maintenance won’t be bad either…🙊



    2. Professional camera (link to camera)

    It might not be exact but will appreciate it all the same. 😃


    My egocentric self is out of here to enjoy the rest of the day and to wait for my gifts.

    Have a blessed day!


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