Leap of faith!


This picture hubby took inspired me to put this short piece up.

Instead of staying grounded,

Why not take that leap of faith?

Afterall what do you have to lose?

The critics would say why jump when you are certain to land back on the ground.

And I say if there is nothing to lose why not jump?

Worse case, you will land and break a leg…

Then why is the wish of good luck or success expressed as ‘break a leg?’

Taking that first leap irrespective of the outcome tells you two things:

Firstly, that you believe in yourself and your capabilities,

And secondly, that the Almighty God has got you covered! He has your back!

If you can’t take that huge leap start the walk, gentle hops and when you are ready go for the BIG leap in your own time.

Everyone has a pace, its the outcome that matters. Focus on the race and not the competitors.

Are you wondering if your business idea is feasible? Does it sound insane? Are you limited by your circumstances? Are you scared of leaving your comfort zone? Are you scared of being a bad mother or father?

Don’t think twice now just take that walk or leap of faith and you are certain to soar like an eagle in the end.

Have you taken any walk or leap of faith this year especially when the odds were against you? How did it turn out? Share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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