Guest blog post: Sinnibah’s take on facing criticisms and judging in haste

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Guest Blogger for today is Sinnibah my “adopted” cousin. This post has taken long in coming. She is a good writer BUT am always having issues with getting her to get her blog running.  She actually wrote this out in her notebook (one other thing she is good at but not typing it out……..eyes rolling….) and getting her to type out to be published on the blog has been like a hit and run boomerang (whatever that means :)). I decided although unwillingly to type it out myself just as a way to take a little break from work to clear my head. So enjoy the read!



“So I finally decided to accept the invitation by my adopted cousin to “star” as a guest blogger on her blog because I have been so scared to start my own blog, lol and I may be lazy at that.

Reason? Maybe because I have been judged so much in the past that its only natural I would want to mind my own business as rightly put by HE J.E.A Mills of blessed memory, I am going to “dzi me fie asem”. But is that right? I usually ask myself and so does my adopted cousin. She is of the belief that you should not hide your talent for the fear of people criticizing you. I have had praises for my good writing but never been courageous to publish. Hopefully this would break the jinx I put on myself.

I am currently on a flight to Malabo and I have reflected on a few happenings over the past 10 months. I must say that out of the 10, 5 have been very turbulent. During the period, I have lost friends and gained friends all because of judging. Humans are naturally judgmental. But why judge based on someone else’s perception only to realise that may have been wrong.

Why judge especially when we are all, as humans, fallible. No one is perfect and everyone falls down at one point in life. It takes open-minded friends to help them up. Being down is bad enough, don’t make them stay down because of your words and attitude.

Thanks to my adopted cousins, actual cousins and best friends, I have my head above the water. I am excelling at what I do and I would let the whole world see. I would let my creative side shine! I begin as a guest blogger on OMT’s Digest. Expect a lot…..!”

I am Sinnibah

Hope you picked some lessons from the latest blogger on the yard? Then comment and let’s “force” her to get her blog running and stop putting and hiding her thoughts in her notebook!


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