When being consistent eventually pays off


I felt someone gently tugging at my arm, at that moment I was in deep sleep mode so it felt like a dream. The tugging however continued oblivious to my state of sleep and increasing with frustration each time there was no response from my end. I heard “Mummmyyyyyyyyy mummmmyyyyyyyy wake up!”, it was difficult switching from sleep mode to mom on duty wide awake mode (yes please, such a mode exists). I was too exhausted to even open my eyes, I kept telling her off to stop and go back to bed. She still didn’t stop. I was suspecting that she wanted water to drink in the middle of the night as she always does. As for her timing………the least said the better. She was still insistent and unperturbed by my lack of concern and feedback so I GRUDGINGLY woke up and I felt very SHY when I realized why she needed me to be up!

The before…….

Almost every evening before bedtime and ever since I realised that my 3-year-old had been taught the Lords Prayer at school, I try my best to ensure that we recite it before bedtime. There are days that I fall asleep and forget (I am human) and other days she doesn’t even recognize my existence. “Aseye, let’s pray”….silence……..”Aseye, let’s pray”……silence….It is always at this point that I realise that I am on my own.

The moment……

So for me to eventually wake up to hear her say, “Mummy let’s pray!” was very “shockprising”. Charley, I have never felt so proud in my life. That moment I felt a lot of things: I have achieved! Proud mom and pleasantly surprised. I realized that my seemingly consistent requests to say the Lord’s prayer before bed had began to reap some fruits. For me, the first instance was a test to confirm if she knew how to recite the prayer from beginning to end and to also show off to her dad (Oh yeah! I just had to show off that I had discovered this first!). I felt so bad when I realised her intentions, I then joined her in saying the Lord’s prayer before we both closed our eyes to sleep.

The aftermath……

I felt like this little seed of labour had eventually started reaping some fruits. She might not understand the full impact and purpose of this act but it is my prayer that she grows up to be a God-fearing boss lady who would be able to impact positively on the lives of others and covert people to Christ.

This act has motivated me and instantly brought me HOPE, so now I won’t give up on what I teach my kids and also there will be no quitting on my personal goals and objectives.


It eventually pays off only if you are patient enough to wait to watch the turn of events. Unfortunately just when we are almost close to achieving then we give up. If only we knew what was waiting for us around the corner. There are lots of quotes about the benefits of being consistent which I am sure you have also come across.

We can easily rattle these quotes off from the top of our heads but the actual challenge is putting this to practice. Hope this experience becomes the inspiration in your life not to give up on anything!

Sharing a few below from Pinterest.

Starting a small business? Teaching your kids basic manners? Working towards personal goals and objectives? Mentoring the youth? Converting a wayward person? Saving towards a project? Learning a new but daunting skill? Potty training your kid? Faced with “unachievable” work targets? Working towards reading the BIBLE in a year? Whatever you may be working on today keep on going and don’t give up. It might seem little today but with CONSISTENCY, PATIENCE and a POSITIVE MINDSET you are certain to have something BIG in the end!

Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.

Julia Carney

How has been consistent worked out for you? Share your thoughts (the good and the bad), experiences and suggestions and let’s get talking!



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