I wonder

I wonder is a short piece inspired by the thought of sudden deaths……

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No traffic today! I will surely get to work in good time after dropping off my kids at school. My excitement was cut short as soon as I descended the slope of the overhead and saw the bumper to bumper traffic. Not again! What is it this time? A broken down truck or the usual troskis who have rightfully claimed one side of the road in addition to the bus stop that was specially designed for their stopovers. I slowly got in line after adjusting my speed to the go slow flow of the traffic. It was then that I saw the cause of the traffic. I spotted a Metro Mass bus packed to the left side of the highway and a motor bike lying on its side behind the bus, what I saw next shook me to the core. Two guys lay back down on the pavement, one looked very lifeless with blood oozing out of his mouth unto his cheek then on to the pavement. The other guy showed some signs of life at least. I was visibly shaken……. I had never physically encountered this in my over thirty years on this earth. I wondered how it happened (that is not important at this point though), how it felt……. for them…. the pain (I shuddered at the thought) …., where were they riding to? I always visualize the pain in these kind of situations and the thoughts they had in mind before and at the time of the accident. Were they the sole breadwinners of their family? Were they rushing to attend to an emergency themselves? This incident was months back but I still recall it like it was just yesterday.

This morning on another sad note I saw the badly mangled state of a vehicle that was involved in an accident. The state of the vehicle alone made it certain there were no survivors. There were shattered glass pieces on the road just before the Ofankor barrier. The mangled car is similar to the crashed state of a can. You wouldn’t even recognize that it was a car, you would simply think it was just scrap metal. There was blood across the road. The questions again: What happened? The pain, how did it feel? Was it sudden death with a second of pain then death? Thinking of this whilst typing has got me in goosebumps. We scream from pain from small knife cuts or cuts from sharp objects. Imagine dying this kind of death.

Will death tell you, Dress well today, look good so when I come after you, you would look your best!

As I wonder about the pain the deceased go through, I am also reminded that as humans we are nothing. The body can be smashed to pieces in just a second and we will fail to exist. What will we be remembered for after we pass? Will it be for the sad nature of the death or for the loss of a wonderful gift from the face of the earth? I wonder what we have in mind when we lie, cheat and back-stab all for the sake of money and material possessions. Do these possessions determine the kind of death that would befall us? I wonder whether they knew God before they departed. Will death tell you, Dress well today, look good so when I come after you, you would look your best! When you die, your body is handled the same way as another with lesser material possessions. So why do we sweat and toil for things that are not eternal? Sometimes I wonder, did they live a fulfilled life or at the least experienced a fulfilled life before it was cut short sadly by death. I wonder whether they were on good terms with all before they departed. Did they forgive people who had wronged them or did they wrong people knowingly but failed to ask for forgiveness? I wonder………………………………………………. If death were to cut short your life on earth this instant, would you willingly embrace death or you would plead with death to give you some time to sort out your life? I wonder…………………………………………………………………………………………………


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