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It’s been awhile I released a blog post because the time to get the inspiration to write these posts is now becoming a luxury these days. Writing about new year new resolutions, new year new me is also not my thing. I believe every single second, minute, hour and day is an opportunity to start something new, we don’t need to wait for a 365 days cycles just to recreate ourselves. My themes have evolved over time since 2014 and the key ones among them are #bosschic #aspiretoinspire #exploringnewgrounds #empoweringfellowmothers. Knowing this is the first step to your personal branding. Now what message do I have to share for the new year since its my first for 2019? I have 2 simple messages to share thanks to Genevieve Nnaji’s Lionheart movie which I finally got to watch on new year’s day.

Aside the over exaggerated scene involving the external auditors in the movie (which I believe added to the comic effect of the movie), I loved every single aspect of the movie. From the way she intricately wove in and maintained scenes with the Nigerian culture and dialect whilst at the same time having the international appeal to the movie. So local yet so global. I love it! Not your normal African movie.

I picked two very important lessons from it and would love to share with you.

1. Do good always for goodness sake!

Nkem Owoh who played Uncle to Genevieve Nnaji’s role was himself! (very real with no pretence). He gave the raw deal but the bottom line was that he had a good heart. There was a scene when he happened to follow a lady and he eventually ended up uninvited to an ongoing business meeting. Forgive his manners, he doesn’t slip away unnoticed but rather eavesdrop on their meeting. I thought to myself, “This man paaaa, won’t he ever mind his own business!” He rudely interrupted the meeting, informed the man that he was being duped and the man ended up walking out of the meeting. The two guys  (fraudsters) were irritated and were it not for the timely entry of Genevieve he would have received some good beatings.

Long and short was he saved a man from being duped not because he was expecting any personal benefits but just helping a fellow-man from the goodness of his heart. Guess what? That single good act was the link that helped saved his brother’s company which was on the verge of bankruptcy, because the guy he saved was the son of the business mogul who owned another company which eventually merged with Lionheart (the company which was on the verge of collapse).

Do good not because you seek personal benefits but because it’s the right thing to do.

2. Everyone has a role to play just like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle

Similar to one of the lessons I picked from Moana, never underestimate anyone! The first day they announced Nkem as the one to run the company in the absence of Pete Edochie I was like,  “why not Genevieve she has been running it very well from her end plus her dad had already acknowledged that fact” So why bring an uncle who looked uncultured from the eye of a professional?  A person who spews out whatever comes to mind without cognisance of his environment or the person being addressed, simply put, in kids language we would say he has bad manners. I realised at the end that his role was very important, without him the company couldn’t have been saved in the best way and would have been sold out to a ruthless businessman. He introduced morning devotions, didn’t quickly rush to sit in the CEO’s well furnished office but rather preferred to sit at a vantage place with the employees, he stood to his values and didn’t bow down or corrupt his principles although they needed the funds urgently. He could have benefited by joining the wayward people but he respected his family (company belonged to his brother). Through Nkem (Genevieve’s uncle) she picked up lessons and saw things from a different perspective and with teamwork they won at the end.

No matter how cultured or poor or whatever you think someone is, give them the opportunity. They might be your next saviour in life!

Aside these lessons from the movie, SALUTE to Genevieve a strong woman and mother. She produced a movie and sold to it to Netflix just before its first release, the first of its kind. These are people our daughters should be looking up to, breaking barriers and making a name out there. Forget the restrictions!

genevieve Nnaji
Credits: BellaNaija

Happy new year and if you haven’t watched it yet, what’s the delay? It should be the first item on your New Year’s resolution list. :). 

As the title goes, let 2019 be the year we face all our fears with boldness, stick to our true self whilst having a heart of gold.




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