Exodus mysteries

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We have successfully completed the book of Genesis (loud applause) and just started with the book of Exodus of my personal Bible study journey. I have been reading Exodus in bits for a while till it dawned on me that I had lots of questions and not much of discoveries like my Genesis journey was. This Bible study journey won’t be an easy one koraa. Ebi like thesis and I might have to go study theology or ask for more guidance from the spirit. Will do my best to share what I make out of what I read including any additional research done.

Studying the few chapters of Exodus, what caught my eye was the approach used by God to free the Israelites from Egypt to the Promise Land. God could have just said, “Moses go and tell Pharaoh to free the Israelites,” or better still God could have directly commanded Pharaoh to free the Israelites.

So why the long winding journey just to fulfill a promise?

Why would God send Moses on a mission and also make it difficult for Moses to implement at the same time?

The very big question is, Why did God harden Pharaoh’s heart?

Why punish the Egyptians with 10 plagues just to free the Israelites?

You promised us the Land right? So why all this wahala with heart beating and blood racing feeling of allowing the Egyptians to chase us all the way to the Red Sea just to part open the Sea to save us at the last moment?

I was also thinking if God had employed a simple approach some lives could have been saved. There was a point I thought Pharaoh was acting on his own volition but Exodus 7:3 , 9:12 stated that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart. To be truthful this did not make sense to a mere mortal like myself. This was where I decided to visit my friend dear Google and get other people’s perspective of this act to hopefully get answers to my question.

Why the extra burden on Moses which I felt that with time the people were beginning to lose trust in him. First I thought it was an opportunity for God to show off but why would our righteous one turn out to be just a big show off? If he was a show off then he would have performed one single grand act and that would have sent the message across one touch! So I shoved that explanation away. So what was the essence of the 10 plagues just to set the Israelites free?

He is a God of His word!
He promised the Israelites that he would free them and that he surely did! We can chose to disagree on the approach he used but it’s the end that matters right? It took time but he acted on his promise. So if you believe deep down in your heart and know that God will certainly answer your prayers just be patient and he will act on it. Losing patience is like being an Israelite who decided to stay in Egypt which would have meant not sighting the promised land. Just picture that!

He has a reason for everything, just trust him!
I got this after a number of breakdowns with my car. The first time was when my car was doing the clickety click sound whenever I negotiated a turn and when my mechanic checked it out he realised it was the shocks and voila! the car was fixed after getting new shocks.

The next time, my car was dancing kpokpo body on the road like a milder and dadabee form of harlem shake. I called a mechanic and was told it was the hubs which had to be changed for which I am so grateful, I was told it could have been worse. Maybe I could have ended up with a scattered car and just a wheel in my hand……lol.

Quite recently the car left me with my kids on the highway. Charley! Sweating be what! Drivers were screaming at me to move off from the main road. Were it not for the timely intervention of a mechanic who saved me and realised it was my thermostat causing the overheating Nanka I wouldn’t know what I would have done. I kept asking myself, “why all these car problems?” Then like the glass full glass empty viewpoints and on second thought I realised I should be grateful because it could have been worse. Though these experiences were not friendly I picked certain lessons and anytime my car misbehaves I check them against those experiences before checking it out with my mechanic. There is a reason for everything. Imagine not picking any lessons and not heeding to my mechanic the state of my car would be worse!

That’s exactly how we should view our experiences in life with our relationship with God. These experiences are meant to grow and develop us and not just dampen us.

His ways are not our ways!

This shows God is merciful, although Pharaoh had no regard for him he still gave him 10 chances instead of wiping out the whole of Egypt. This is the reason God used the long winding route to free the Israelites. God emphasised all that Pharoah felt (he didn’t impose something different on Pharaoh that he already was not) and didn’t do anything different, he just accentuated what Pharaoh felt. Most of the decisions were however made by Pharaoh himself without the help of God. So he cannot be blamed here. He actually provided more opportunities for a change of mind and also to manifest his glory. Let’s be careful not to harden our hearts too much towards the Word of God, we might never know what test we are undergoing and the wider implications on those around us. We have the right to make choices in life but we should ensure those choices from an honest viewpoint are the right ones.

All these plagues therefore show the power of God over life, creation, other gods, humans and anything you can possibly dream of. He is indeed an omnipotent God!

Did I miss any useful lesson or bugging questions? Please share in the comments section.



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