The ball is in your court! What will be your next move?

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I was contemplating between having this as one of my quotes or just a short blog piece. I eventually settled for the latter. Enjoy the read.

I woke up one morning in deep thought (luckily the kids were still asleep so I had the luxury to do this) and feeling confused because I felt the drag of the different forces of life and people’s opinions and expectations of me. I felt like people didn’t understand me or understand my perspective to life, I was often misunderstood, I felt like people had different advice for me contrary to what I would normally do, but eventually how do I determine which road to tow? It is a struggle and I know I am not the only one who feels this way sometimes.

I began breaking down each person’s perspective to assess their angle of thought, that was when it dawned on me……..every decision depends on me and not on the opinion of others…..and LIFE could also be likened to a football match. We have the spectators, the players, the match regulators, the commentators and the harsh critics . Will briefly talk about the role of these groups and how they impact on us.

The Spectators

There are people who are just there to watch you, how you perform and do things. They often leave the Stadium with either a positive or negative perspective but unfortunately you can’t change what they think because you have no idea what they think of you until their thoughts are broadcasted or made known to you.

In summary play your match due diligently and ethically, what people see or think of you should not have an impact on your goals in life. It’s their business. Once you decide to dance to every “Hmmmmm” and “aaahhhhh” you would eventually be a puppet and lose that unique touch you had. So be you and do you in the right way.

The regulators

The match regulators work to control the match to avoid cheating and ensure fair play. Principled regulators make it easy because your principles are aligned with them but the unprincipled can be the force that can break through your own principles. Don’t allow yourself to be caught in people presupposed laws about the hard and fast rules of life. Do the right things wholeheartedly. Like I say if you get confused, keep mining for answers in the Bible. Start a journey on your own and explore. Don’t allow these expectations to lock you down and kill any positive passion you might have.

The commentators and the harsh critics

The commentators and the harsh critics. These group of people can just kill you with the words they spew out of their mouth. They do not need any physical weapon. “Oh how could he miss this easy target?”, “He could have scored”, “Just give me the ball and I would have performed better.” To these group of people in our lives you just need to smile silently at them because a reaction is just a waste of your precious time. Silently work towards your goal and at the end of the day if their minds are not changed then you know the kind of people they are.

THE PLAYER (the most important person)

Finally the players, that is you and me, are usually the focus of the game. We are the ones who actually know the challenges of the game, know how much sacrifices we have made behind the scenes to get the game going. We are the only decision makers of our life. So today, I entreat you to search deep down within yourself, discover and know yourself but never allow the commentators and unprincipled regulators to defeat you. Listen if you must, if it will enable you to fish out any constructive feedback. After a successful fishing spree you can safely proceed to dump the rest because at the end of the day, you are the only one aside God, that you have on this earth. If you don’t love yourself how do you expect others to love you more than you do?

The ball is now in your court! Will you allow yourself to be depressed from the actions of others or you will keep your eyes focused on your goal and dribble your way to good scores?



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