Meet Awurama, the lady producing sustainable bags with an African touch!

“Passion like any feeling can be expressed in more than one thing . Understanding what you are passionate about helps one find their purpose, which pushes you to take the next step. “

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After dropping off my little munchkins at school, I decided to cool off by casually viewing friend’s WhatsApp statuses on my phone and a flyer on a colleague’s profile instantly caught my attention. If you really know me and I mean really really know me, you will know what I will be asking next, “Oh nice! Is she a lady entrepreneur?” and once I received a positive response I followed up with, “Will she love to share her journey on my blog?”. I also grew more curious when I was told she “stopped 8 to 5 right after her National Service!”. Wow!!! If time travel existed, I would jump back to that age and I would certainly have done things differently if only I had the knowledge and boldness I have now. I am sure you are itching to read more about this fine, young and smart ladypreneur so I will end my long intro here and dive straight to the interview.

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Q: Who is Awurama?

Awurama Kena-Asiedu is my name and I’m an entrepreneur solving the sanitation crisis in Ghana, producing quality African accessories that give a great sense of identity and bridges the bag souvenirs manufacturing gap in Ghana and West Africa at large.

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Q: What do you love to do in your spare time?

I browse through the internet. It’s amazing the number of fascinating agenda young people are embarking on all over the world. The internet is mostly my inspiration point.

Q: Tell us about the Ramafrique journey. How was such a thriving concept conceived?

So Ramafrique started off just to help myself out. I was a sucker for some particular shoes and bags of mine. I chose to refurbish them rather than throw it away. Soon friends bought into the idea and that’s how Ramafrique was birthed.

Passion like any feeling can be expressed in more than one thing . Understanding what you are passionate about helps one find their purpose, which pushes you to take the next step.


Q: I went through your website and saw African print backpacks and laptop bags. Are there plans to add other African inspired products such as footwear to the brand?

For now I want Ramafrique to be known as the number stop shop for African print bags and production of bag souvenirs for events and conferences. But yes! There is the plan to get other African themed accessories that spell out elegance and authenticity. That line of Ramafrique has been launched and It’s called the African lifestyle.We are bringing in a lot more than you can imagine. Do stay tuned!

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Q: I heard you had the opportunity to talk at one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) forums? How was the feeling and did you ever see this happening to you?

It was an amazing experience knowing that I am contributing my quota to ensuring the climate is positively affected and helping eliminate plastic waste is indeed a great thing.

Q: Talking about SDG, tell us a bit about RAMAPLAST

RAMAPLAST is a Ramafrique initiative where we blend plastic waste with African print to produce bags. This agenda is in line with Sustainable Development Goal 6 and 13, which is a call for clean water and climate change respectively.


Q: I receive lots of questions from the youth about identifying one’s passion. How did you identify this passion and at which point did you decide to take it to the next step?

Passion like any feeling can be expressed in more than one thing . Understanding what you are passionate about helps one find their purpose, which pushes you to take the next step. Purpose and profit are not at odds, the 2 consistently fuel your passion.

Q: Running a business has its ups and downs. What are some challenges you encountered and how did you overcome them?

My major challenge was getting the right personnel who understood the mission and vision of the business. Also I was initially scared to invest in stock. I preferred producing only when an order is placed. But after understanding the needs of my customers, I realised the need to get ready made stock.

(She has highlighted a very key area of working with people who are in tune with your goals. Read more about earlier posts on organisational culture and branding here.)

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Q: What was the happiest day in your life as an entrepreneur?

My happiest moment was and forever remains when customers purchase because I see it as their investment into a dream that believes in living the African way and helping save the environment.

Q: Do you have employees? If yes, at which point did you realise that you were now ready to have additional hands on board?

When I started seeing brand beyond a one woman small scale business.I realised some things needed expertise, and this that implies employing qualified personnel.

Q: Who or What is your source of inspiration?

God, my friends, family and clients. I like to believe so many people love my brand and only want to see it thrive. Failing is not an option!

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs especially the females out there? I am all out for GIRL POWER!

Pray about your ideas, Be consistent, make sure you are adequately informed In all spheres of entrepreneurship and be a master in your field.

Q: Do you offer your items on a wholesale basis too for those interested in working with you? And Finally, how do people reach you?

Yes, we have a wholesale option called The African life style.That shop targets all African themed products.

You can contact us on 0204828166/0553454011 and on our social media handles, @ramafriquegh @africanlifestylegh.

You can also visit her website

Place an order with her to keep growing her dream because she is not done yet with the African agenda!

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