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God’s plan > My plans

I proceeded despite the fear,
“One step at a time,” I said to myself,
When it all began to feel overwhelming, I would mentally pat myself on the back,
“Relax dear you have a backup plan.”
Just like magic and like my daughter would swipe her wand to make her imaginary wishes come to pass, I would instantly relax and proceed to explore the unknown path I chose to take,
Like a robot soldier marching to the beat of the parade, these words would automatically spring up and I would mentally recite them like a melody, “A step at a time plus my backup plan is in place
“What if your backup fails?” asks fear who on a daily basis creeps in to remind me that I am just a dreamer and snaps me back to reality with scary thoughts,
These thoughts scare me to the point that I want to take a complete 360 degrees turn and journey on a more familiar path,
Frustration was setting in, things were not working as planned, I was losing my cool then one day I saw the light.
It is the light you see everyday but don’t pay much attention to. Yet today I took a break and opened my eyes to see the beauty of the light,
The Great and Mighty God spoke to me through his messenger one morning as I was deep in thoughts as my introverted self usually does, and said “Worry not my child, this is your year of restoration.”
It hit me the next day, I was a hypocrite! Why do I say I trust God and yet have a backup plan in case he fails me?
Was it because I always wanted to be sure everything worked out my way?
Double standards!!! These words screamed loudly at me in an echoing tone,
I realised why I was getting scared and sought refuge in my backup plan. It was my safe haven. It was where I could hide out for fear of what people may say,
You know this God of ours is just a purposeful Father, he has a reason for everything
He truly does!
Just before my very eyes, my first backup plan disappeared and I could feel the palpitations, “cool down he has a reason,” I said this just for the saying with no ounce of faith attached,
After all isn’t that what everyone says?
Like a child learning to walk or ride a bicycle I slowly learnt to lean on Him little by little at the pace of a sloth,
No rushing my dear. The common saying says, “If you rush, you will crash.”
I told God, “I trust you and let’s take this journey to the unknown a step at time,”
A day at a time,
Forget the backup plan! From the day of my awakening I resolved to face my fears head on like a bull charging towards its attacker because I walk hand in hand with the Omnipotent,
And it’s been great! I have that glow! You would think it was a pregnancy glow!
I look over my shoulder from the period I made that resolution and realised I am stronger, soaring high like an eagle;
And the surprises from this Grand Creator! Eiiiii! Eiiii! Eiii! (Clapping and saying it like one who is excited and can’t wait to share the good news!)
My human form can’t fathom it but all I can do is smile with eyes opened wide in awe,
I feel much at peace now because each day my goals are fulfilled; either something good happens TO me or THROUGH me.
Either way I am just a happy mama striving endlessly to create the dream for herself and her family,
I am not saying I am free of temptation; there are those moments of fear whispering in my ear and the familiar routes beckoning to me and saying, “Why stress yourself?”
Once again if things don’t go as planned for me it becomes an obligation to make someone’s day good and both options are still fulfilling,
Try it, it works wonders!
And I am at peace (oh I said that already, but I am!),
I have discarded my backup plan because I have Grand Master Planner and Designer of the Universe taking this adventurous journey with me,
Cool huh?
So today, I entreat you to push past your fears and the more your fears taunt, know that you are probably getting close to achieving your purpose in life.
You are courageous because despite the fear you still take the next step.

This post is inspired by my encounter with God through his messenger (a stranger I met at the mall) who redirected me indirectly to focus on the gift God has blessed me with and I also get my daily dose of inspiration and strength from Joyce Meyer podcasts.

If you are blessed by this post and have an encounter you would love to share comment below or email



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