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Dear Moms, YOU are enough!

Dear Moms,

I know you are always exhausted. Your exhaustion levels have now been heightened as a result of this lockdown. Your creative juices are running out because there is no room to take a break and your precious angels are counting on Mama!

You turn to social media for solace and your timeline is filled with all these moms sharing tips with Instagram worthy pictures of their kids engaged in different activities. You begin to question your ability as a mother.

Everyday, kids assignments come flooding in from their teachers and you are overwhelmed. There is no space for you. How do you get these done whilst ensuring they are eating properly?

They run around and scream in your ears. You scream at them, “Stop running!Get out of the kitchen!” The kitchen and the bathrooms are slowly becoming your little space that reminds you that you exist.

Your head keeps pounding, because your boss needs a report and at the same time your kids need you. In this lockdown, you are forced to make a choice. Your kids or your job?

When this is all over, will you still have a job? Will your investments lose value? Will your kids still love you? Will your mental health be intact?

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I don’t have answers to all this but I want to tell you this……….

Last night I spent an hour in the bathroom with the door locked, shed some tears not because I was afraid of Covid-19. I am % positive that Corona will end but my fear was how long I would be able to stay strong and sane for the sake of my family and kids.

Moms out there stuck at home with your kids, YOU are enough. Your inability to create a perfect schedule for your kids does not make you a bad mom, infact it just shows you are human.

Don’t stress yourself by thinking of creative ideas, just follow your kids and you would be surprised by the knowledge they have.

As for your timeline, if it bothers you then take some time off. Start a social media lockdown if that works for you. As a matter of perspective you could pick up some tips and adapt to you and your kids preferences.

Let the tears flow if you have to but know that God has your back! Stay safe! Enjoy each minute at home with the kids and make memories . YOU are enough for them just as you are.

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