God, what are you up to?

“Try this out anytime you are down and let me know how it goes by reaching out to me (omtsdigest@gmail.com) but I can bet my one million dollars from the gari I sell that in this game the only one who emerges as the loser is the devil!”

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I stood in the kitchen on 13.9.2020 at 11:30 am because I had promised my madam that she would have cupcake with strawberry and chocolate twirls or layers or whatever it is she had indirectly challenged me to try my hands on (These kids always think we have super powers). I have recently made a decision to live my life with intention so I now take most of these activities as a challenge and it’s been helpful I must say.

Had it not been for Covid (I promised not to mention it again…lol) I wouldn’t have found myself viewing these requests from my kids from a positive perspective. I would probably find it as a disturbance…lol…but now I find myself researching achievable requests together with them and Sunday afternoons are specially dedicated to this. I daresay and can confidently assume that I can now bake..lol..(I used to even burn pre-mixed cake so you can imagine my current state of pride). We have tried new recipes, new art projects and in all its been explorative for me and fun for them too!


As I stood sorting out the beans in the kitchen, it occurred to me. “Who on this earth doesn’t love surprises?” If you don’t, I do a lot! Positive and happy surprises only o! not the kind that gets your blood pressure skyrocketing like the launch of NASA’s Saturn V Rocket to the moon.

Back to the main message of this post……..…..

We keep praying, “God may your will be done in my life.” yet it seems we begin to question his plan for our life when things don’t go according to “our expectations”. If we ask God for something and tell him the time and form we want our requests to materialise then that won’t be a surprise would it?

Image credit: Boldomatic

Imagine I tell you (FRIEND 1) I want a Honda HRV or a professional camera set (by the way I want them lol) and you tell me I will get it tomorrow. I will certainly be excited! Probably pretend to hold my cool till the promised day arrives.

On the other hand, imagine I asked you (FRIEND 2) for these things and you probably just nodded and shrugged it off with a “let’s see how it goes” kind of attitude. I might be excited for a few minutes for the possibility or probably give up in order not have my hopes lifted too high.

But on a day I least expect it, you present them to me all wrapped up like a gift from “Papa No” 🤣🤣. Imagine my excitement, I would be more elated with this surprise compared to the first scenario when you promised and gave me a date to expect my “surprise.”

Image credit: Quotefancy

Just picture God as the second friend, he is preparing something for you, just be patient and continue to keep your hope and faith alive. Maintain the relationship with Him and don’t ever give up regardless of the fire or the valley of the shadow of death you find yourself walking through.

One thing I have learnt from experience is that no incident is isolated in the Grand Masters scheme of operations. All things eventually fall into place just like a jigsaw puzzle. So now when I go through low moments I just smile to myself and sometimes look up when I am alone for the dramatic effect (I can be drama queen in my little corner) and say to my Father,

“God what are you up to this time? I am human, please grant me strength and patience not to miss out on it.”

Image credit: http://www.pexels.com (@Mwabonje)

I urge you today to join me today to always look up to God in both your low and high moments of life and either thank Him when all is well and more importantly smile up at Him like a child would look up to their parents and speak to Him, “what are you preparing me for? What do you have up your sleeves?” And most importantly, trust the process because when you come out of the fire you are certainly going to end up smiling back at him and say to Him, “God I see you now. I now know what you were up to and I LOVE you!”

Try this out anytime you are down and let me know how it goes by reaching out to me (omtsdigest@gmail.com) but I can bet my one million dollars from the gari I sell that in this game the only one who emerges as the loser is the devil!


The OMT brand focuses on inspiration,family life, entrepreneurship, youth and women empowerment and changing the African narrative a blog post at a time. If you have a story or experience to share just reach out to me via omtsdigest@gmail.com.

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