Can you genuinely say you are patient?

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“Patience is the fruit of the spirit that grows under trial.”

Joyce Meyer

This particular line caught my attention whilst listening to Joyce Meyer’s daily podcast: Enjoying everyday living with Jesus. Why? When I look at my now and before, I can confidently say that my strengths and patience have grown with each trial I encounter.

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I used to pride myself in being a very patient lady till bad experiences came knocking on my door in life. It was at this point that I realised I was just a “patient” lady according to the flesh but not in sync with my spirituality. In reality, I was not really patient as I thought myself to be. Did I keep a good attitude whilst waiting? Did I say to God, “I do not know where you are leading me but I trust you, give me grace and strength to hold on patiently without succumbing to temptation?” Or easily blurted out, “God may your will be done in my life,” without any meaning assigned to it.

Some of us find ourselves waiting on the Lord because that is the only option available but that should not be the driving force. We should wait patiently because we trust His timing! and believe anything that happens, whether good or bad, is for our own good.

So the question is, are you really patient? Are you trusting the Big Man to come through for you or are you patient because that is the only option you have?

Think about this!


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