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Destructing your distractions: Struggle between our Bibles and phones

First published: 29 February 2016

Today’s Quiet Moment

Sunday, November 8
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

We must take great care never to do anything before having said our morning prayers. The devil once declared that if he could have the first moment of the day, he was sure of all the rest.

St. John Vianney

My thoughts

When I received the above quote by mail from Catholic Digest (I have subscribed to receive daily quiet time messages), my mind went back to the image that went viral within my circles on social media of the guy being pulled by his bible and phone. It’s real and its a daily struggle for lots of people, myself inclusive.

Thumbs up to @jay_mikee for this picture depicting the tug of war between our Bibles and our phones.

It’s a funny picture at first glance, but it carries a lot of weight, meaning and lessons. It’s a bad practice and I am making a conscious effort towards putting a complete halt to. I am not proud of it, but admitting my fault is a good start at least. The struggle is real.

The distractions are always sweet and tempting. Talk of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and the temptation to eat the apple. Jesus being tempted by Satan with the promise of earthly things which people would fall easily for today.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? I guess it’s to pick up your phone to check what’s going on Facebook and other social media platforms and reply to your whatsapp messages. Like me, I deceive myself with the thought that I would rather rush through Facebook and get the best time with no distractions to read my bible, pray or have my quiet time.The question is, what is the best time?

There is no best time, because the least opportunity you get your mind develops a sweet excuse and you find yourself stuck in this vicious cycle. Don’t forget that habits can be difficult to break.

At the end of the day, you may decide to read your bible before bedtime. But alas, your phone keeps on buzzing with messages and your curious mind keeps you awake reading them, then off you drift to bed with your phone!

You wake up feeling bad and vow to make it up to God, unfortunately you find yourself in this same mess over and over again at the end of each day.

So today I challenge you, including myself to make God and his Word the first thought in your life before you start your day. Let’s encourage each other, it’s achievable. Let’s be each others keepers.

The challenge is on!

If you are able to achieve this everyday declare your victory with the hashtag #Iwonthewaragainstthedevil on your social media platform.

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