Reality check! Does “it” belong in your closet of life?

What are the unnecessary items tucked away in your closet of life? It’s time for a reality check!!!


First published: 22 October 2017

I woke up one Saturday morning to my usual pile of clean laundry waiting patiently from the previous week to be folded by myself. Irrespective of how tired I am or the mood I find myself in, the mere sight of them packed in blue plastic bags and the thought of the current week adding up to the existing pile just gives me a natural energy to get them neatly folded. In the process, I came across my kids’ clothing………some of them they were growing out of and those that had seen the best of years and I would say were fully depreciated even before the end of their useful life. These were not fit to be taken anywhere after enduring the long days of attack from spilled drinks, saliva, poo, food stains etc

I just had to create space by disposing of those that had reached early retirement and also donate those that didn’t fit any longer but were still presentable and useful to others. That created space in their wardrobe and that meant I needed to get cash to either replace these clothing or get newer and better clothing for them. That’s a task for another day. Let me think of today and let tomorrow think of itself.

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You would be wondering,….What’s your business with my kids’ clothing? Is it even a unique story worthy of being featured on my blog? It’s not and I totally agree but spare me a few minutes to explain further. My morning routine of folding is the time I usually use to meditate and think clearly about life. It also gives me the opportunity to restrategise my plans and goals in life. It’s short but I enjoy it before am snapped back to reality when the kids are awake. Once I fail to wake up before they do then I can say bye-bye to this weekend ‘alone time’ project. This simple activity therefore got me thinking……..How often do we hold on to unnecessary stuff that slow us down or occupy time in our lives? Time that could have been utilised on a more value adding activity.

Reality check…………….

Do you have any junk or trash that you find yourself still holding on to that is preventing you from moving forward to start afresh or to grab or take advantage of new opportunities? Is it the fear of losing out once you let go and not having the opportunity to go back to? Or the “‘what if” one day it becomes useful and I need it? Or the belief that your past or trash is your source of confidence or good luck charm? But how would you know your full potential and capabilities if you simply can’t let go of some things? It is not easy to let go due to history of fondness or attachment but take a step and with the passage of time it then becomes a memory or best case totally wiped out of memory.

Hold on only to relevant things and persons. They might not be a lot to hold on to but know that space is being created for bigger and better things and people.

These could be those non-value adding activities, persons holding us back and preventing us from taking some risks, past incidences, regrets and “had I knowns”, skills or talents we have that we selfishly hold on to instead of teaching others, dirty past or skeletons you have in your closet, secret fears, family secrets among others.

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I therefore entreat you to take stock and bring all items out of your closet for a reality check, keep those that are useful in the present and possibly the future, bin those that are not value adding but just occupying space in your closet of thoughts and share those that are still useful but would be of more value to others than to yourself. Keep all these in mind whenever you pick up a pile of dirty clothing to be washed, folding washed clothing, hanging or picking out clothing from the closet or wardrobe.

Don’t run your reality check based on your self-interests only but also consider the collective good of your intentions.
I challenge you today to start afresh with a “new” and cleaned out closet. That’s one of the beauties of life! Don’t let anything or person hold you back. Keep going in life and if it’s meant to be there it will find its way back to you.

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3 comments on “Reality check! Does “it” belong in your closet of life?”

  1. Hello,
    First time commenting on your post, although I’m an ardent reader. Please permit me to be (somewhat) colloquial ‘cos this post has “twiiiiii me paaaaa”.
    I believe we all do need a reality check very often rather than once in a while. However, no matter now often I get pinched either by myself or my persistent cousin, there is sometimes feel that, “oh I will do”, or “what if”, because of the baggage from the past and also the feeing that I “may need some of those stuff” so I’d rather reserve that for the future, although it may not be healthy, not only for people dear to us but ourselves. For me, the article emphasises on the need for “collective goals” rather than being self centred.
    Personalising it, I’d say that although we ultimately seek out for personal interests, these interests are linked to others like our spouse, children, parents, in-laws, grannies, etc. We can’t satisfy ourselves and leave others hungry…anyway, this is long talk.
    The article is very insightful and a good reality check because, it hasn’t only “twiii’d me” but also made me come to the realisation that the life I actually do live presently, isn’t all there is!

    Liked by 1 person

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