Dads’ corner||Meet Sampson Ammamoo, the “customer” (family) experience father


He is a consummate digital professional with specialties mainly in digital payments and channel development, loyalty systems, partnerships and business development. Sampson believes in using technology to make the lives of customers brighter hence his deep love for technology. And he brings his love for customer experience right to the doorstep of his family.

“One thing I never wanted to be was a stereotypical dad who was seen as a pot-bellied feared man.”

Sampson Ammamoo

Just by the way, Sampson is my Papa No! and the brain and planner behind most of our family road trips. This is officially his first interview with his Mama No! if such exists..lol

Enjoy the read!

OMT: Briefly introduce yourself and tell us how many kids you have. In summary who is Sampson?

SA: Sampson is a seasoned sales and business development  professional with over 13 years working experience, spanning oil marketing ,telecoms, ISP and banking industries.

I have worked with companies like MTN Ghana, Iburst Africa ,Barclays Bank (now ABSA) and currently working with Vivo Energy (Shell Licensee for Shell products across 24 African countries ) as Payments & Loyalty Manager.

Baking cornbread with the kids

I am  a  father to two lovely kids (they mean the world to me).  I love to cook and I really love good food too. I also love travelling across the country with my family to see beautiful sights.  Having come from a military background makes me have the desire to have some things done in a particular order so some people see me as no nonsense (even some work colleagues do too).        

OMT: What was your expectation of fatherhood prior to having kids versus actually having kids? In social media slang, we love to know the “before” and “how it’s going” with fatherhood.             

SA: To be honest, I  did not have the best of experience while growing up with my dad so my expectation was not to repeat the mistakes my dad did.

I give an analogy of customer experience (a bit of marketing lecture wont hurt lol), I believe in providing a good customer (my family) experience in everything I do hence my desire to do my best regardless of how torrid my childhood was .I believe once we set our minds to do something, devoid of our past, we can do it.

One thing I never wanted to be was a stereotypical dad who was seen as a big pot bellied feared man so I have worked to stay young as a family man so I can be able to come to the level of my kids.

OMT: What would you want the rest of the world to know about fatherhood? Some misconceptions and all if any, etc        

SA: Being a dad means you are still a human being who is able to feel, you are able to cry and feel all the things any human being feels.       

Just be who you are and do what makes you unique as a dad.

A day’s trip to Legon Botanical Gardens

OMT: What drives you to be the best dad to your kids?

SA: When I see them ask me questions that challenge my thinking , it drives me to be a better dad as they are way ahead of me when I compare my growing up with theirs.

Also, the world is now a global competitive stage, so I want to ensure they are equipped to face life with confidence and poise. 

OMT: What are the challenges of being a dad in today’s world? Managing the world of work and also keeping your sanity to raise kids.

SA: For me it is waking up every morning to help in preparing them for school and being inundated with all forms of demands from them on a daily basis.     

OMT: What advice would you give to incoming fathers.

SA: There is no form or guide to fatherhood but just develop your own beautiful guide to give your kids and family a wonderful experience.

Thank you for opening up with me and others your experience as a dad.


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