My perspective: Virtual v Physical church attendance

“Jesus is interested in a relationship with you, not a 45 minute date every Sunday morning. Make Him first in your life. ”

Joyce Meyer


This post is dedicated to all the virtual churchgoers like myself and those who are still unsure about whether it is best to worship virtually or physically in a church every Sunday. If this is the first time reading any of my blog posts and you want a straight answer, then please don’t proceed because this post is meant to get you thinking to find the answer within yourself.

Prior to COVID, I wouldn’t say I was a consistent church goer. If there was an attendance register, I am sure I would be called to ask why I get in late or why I have been absenting myself from church. COVID however resulted in a lot of churches going online because of physical safety restrictions so I guess I found it very convenient to wake up and have church right in the comfort of my living room.


Afterall, we learn from His Word that, “Where two or more people are gathered in my name, I am in their midst.” Regardless of where you find yourself in my opinion, you can commune with Him and know He is present with you. The church should therefore be seen as the people who make it up and not just the physical structure we unfortunately place so much focus on.

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It took less effort to switch on the TV and watch Pastor Otabil’s “TV Church” every Sunday. Last Sunday (mid-August) however, he mentioned that “TV Church” was ending and we were back to the physical church. My first reaction was, “Oh no!” but on second thought I realised despite having a personal relationship with God it still required me stepping out periodically.

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On an individual level, it can be likened to having a friend you talk to on phone every day, whatsapp and chat on social media periodically but you know it makes your day much better when you hangout in person. Feeling nu y3 different!


A much better comparison would be your relationship with your parents. Your siblings would each have their unique way of relating to your parents. Some would visit every week, others will call everyday, whatsapp or video call. Despite how each child relates to their parents, meeting together as a family helps foster the bond and relationship. Drinking fanta alone is not the same as drinking fanta with khebab with the right squad! You should feel right and not forced to project a different image of who you actually are on condition that you are taking the right path.

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In summary, I am not the judge of how you relate with God since its a personal relationship. I am not a member of this personal private relationship you have with the BIG man but my recommendation is to make time to meet with other members of the family of God and spend time in His presence (It should feel right with you! not a forced obligation). If you haven’t found one yet, no rush! Continue to pray for discernment, study the Bible on your own and continue with your virtual church until you find the church that feels like home. That is were you would want to physically visit and feel at peace and more spiritually psyched with other members of the family of God.

Let me know what your thoughts in the comments section or email


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3 comments on “My perspective: Virtual v Physical church attendance”

  1. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    After several months having the churches being closed, people now allowed again to meet in small circles (with the Covid Save Ticket or Pass) every individual should check for himself or herself and should examine for the family if it would already be safe to go to gatherings, be it for relaxation, Bible study or church service.

    Going to “the grocery store, the restaurants, the beauty shop, the office, the classroom, the gym, and the doctor” is something totally different than going to a church, where people are sitting close together and normally also would sing and say prayers together in an enclosed space making it very easy for a virus to spread.

    When people go to the supermarket, they are only limited by the amount of people allowed per square metre, and as such have to follow the red and green light indications or the stewards allowing only the right amount of people entering the wide space. To enter the shops only a regulated amount of people per square metre is allowed and often only two at a time, plus always with a mouth mask.

    To go to a café, snackbar or restaurant a person has to have the Covid Safe Ticket or Pass and the same regulation is there for other places (as churches) and events.

    For going to a gp or doctor one must make an appointment and maximum two people are allowed in the waiting room, which should be ventilated and normally is spacey enough to receive much more people than two.

    For going to church there is in many cases no controlling system, though there should be someone at the door asking and checking your CST.

    Worship and Bible class are not simply about our being fed spiritually and matters that can be done on our own or via online meetings. Such online meetings can never take in the place of an actual real life meeting. But we must be fully aware of the present conditions and dangers for each other when coming together in real life.
    For every follower of Christ and every lover of God the gathering between all members of the faith community should be very important and not negligible. But, and a great But, we should be fully aware of the situation.

    We must consider one another to stimulate unto love and good deeds (Heb. 10:24). and that the best way to do that would be in connection with assembling together (Heb. 10:25), but this also can be done by going in conversation online by the present technical progress. There are Zoom, Jitsi a.o. to have interaction when meeting online.

    That people would stay away from the assembly in present times does not mean that they would be less religious or would have abandoned their faith. It is essential to protect the own health as well as the health of others. This can mean that we still have to wait sometime before coming together in real time and/or real-life.

    Our relationship with God and with His beloved son shall not be less or of less value. It is from the depth of our heart that the love for God should rise above all our present limitations.

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