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Start your dream garden anywhere with Baff Organic Farm and Agrotech

I have always had plans of starting my own garden just like my mother did when I was young. I didn’t think much of this before we made a decision on selecting a home. I thought all was lost with my paved yard and little to no space to grow anything but now I am proud to announce that I am caring for and consuming my lettuce, basil (Popularly known as akoko besa. I just discovered its English name when I was researching for this post), mint and kale plants.

Recently, there has been a growing interest in the consumption of organic farm produce for health reasons and its other related benefits. There is also a lack of trust and health concerns about produce sold at the local market. People would prefer to grow their own food or if they do not have the time or resources would purchase from organic stores or farms in Ghana. Organic farming is known to be environmentally-friendly and the plus is its contribution to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). You can therefore imagine my elation when a friend reached out about an organic farm in Ghana and how they provide consultation if you want to set up your own garden regardless of your space.

Image credit: Nature and More
Image credit: Nature and More

We planned a visit because I was intrigued about the nature of services they offered and also because I wanted to personally experience it before I talk or write about it. I loved what I saw but knowing me, it was more about getting to know the story and drive behind the set-up of this organic farm business in Ghana.

The birth story of Baff Organics

Baff Organics is owned by Mr. Baffour Kyei Frimpong. It started out as a hobby but his interest in organic farming peaked after he observed that whenever some family or friends came down to Ghana for the holidays, they had the unfortunate experience of food poisoning. He wanted to find a solution to this, where people can consume healthy food without any negative effects. Baff organics was therefore borne out of passion with the additional therapeutic effects associated with plant care.

What services do they provide?

  • Selling of pot of vegetables. An emptied pot can be swapped for a fresh pot of vegetable after consumption.

This approach is environmentally friendly (there is no need for plastic packaging), cuts down on food waste, is cost effective and there is pleasure in nurturing your own food.

  • Transforming of available spaces into vegetable gardens for organizations and individuals.

This promotes urban farming and Grow Your Own Food (GYOF). It is also useful for recreational purposes and promotes social farming.

  • Selling of fresh organic vegetables from farm gate.

This contributes towards consuming healthy food for a healthy life and assurance of the consumption of fresh farm produce.

How my visit went

I had the opportunity to be taken around the well-utilised farm space situated on the same premises as his home. I got to know more about the existence of some plants I never knew existed. There were numerous varieties of plants and herbs.

I loved the greenhouse built for the bell peppers and the irrigation system that was in place to ensure that the plants were well cared for.

I love the cute rabbits which I know my daughter would certainly adore down to the quails and chickens.

What I got

I took my lettuce plant home and prepared myself a good salad 2 weeks after my visit. The unique thing about the farm is, you can purchase your plants in pots meaning you can still have your little garden in your small space at home.

A month later after my mini farming journey began, I took some leaves from my mint plant and enjoyed a tasty pineapple mint smoothie and we so loved it!

I feel like a farmer already!

Where is Baff Organics located?

It is located at Mariville Homes, Tristan High Street, Spintex Rd. You can easily use the google map directions to find your way to the farm.

How do get in touch with them?

You can contact 0246904201 or 0544316373, on Facebook or on Instagram and you will be attended to.


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