Download “You can be a superhero too!” drawing sheet for kids

About the book

Kids grow up with the one-sided view that superheroes wear capes and are able to do extraordinary things with their “superpowers.” This book inspired by my kids Selassie and Aseye (combined strength of Selaye) is meant to be used by every parent or relative to help stop this one-sided view of who a superhero is. This simplified inspirational book is meant to get kids to believe in themselves and know that they can be superheroes everyday with the little things they do. It also teaches kids about responsibility and is ideal for ages 3-7. #booksbyOpie

Activity sheet

This has been designed to give parents the opportunity to engage with their kids after reading the book. Completed sheets can be posted on any social media platform with the hashtag #booksbyOpie.

Parents can also assist kids to frame it or stick it in a visible place at home to serve as a daily reminder to them.

Click the download button and continue the journey of inspiration with your little superheroes!


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