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Empowering women: A conversation with Tinell Dickens

I had the privilege to have a little over an hour conversation with Tinell Dickens, the Founder of the 1 Woman Movement; before we dive into the details of our conversation, let me introduce you to our remarkable guest.

About Tinell Dickens

Tinell is the founder of the 1Woman Movement and a highly qualified coach specialising in various areas such as life coaching, mindset coaching, and entrepreneurship coaching. With a degree in Christian Counseling and additional qualifications in Information Technology, Business Administration, and Women’s Entrepreneurship Studies from Cornell University, Tinell combines her diverse expertise to empower emerging women leaders. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights, a speaker, and an Affiliate member of the Institute of Coaching. Tinell has been featured in multiple publications and podcasts, sharing her insights on authentic leadership and helping women overcome internal barriers to achieve success. Tinell has been a speaker at the Women Thrive Global Summit and Black Star International Film Festival to name a few.

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Highlights of our Instagram Live conversation

So, here’s the deal: I’ve gathered responses that really stuck with with me during our amazing conversation. If you want the whole picture, make sure to scroll down to the very bottom of this post and listen to the full interview yourself. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Starting your day with God is essential for receiving the direction and inner peace you need.

1. What prompted you to become a women’s empowerment coach, and how do you believe your own unique experiences and viewpoints shape your coaching approach?

Tinell was prompted by God, leading her heart to empower women, despite her not seeing herself focusing predominantly on women.

To discern if your call is truly from God, it is crucial to devote time to His presence. As Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice.” When He speaks, we would know and hear clearly.

Submission to Godly leadership that understands your true identity, as fashioned by God, is paramount.

The journey of fulfilling your purpose is a process, and God would never steer you towards anything contradictory to His Word. In fulfilling our calling on earth, we rely on Christ, recognising His vital role in our journey. God communicates through various means, such as dreams, audible messages, or a still small voice.

2. How can women harness their own unique abilities and passions, and what advice would you provide to women who are still exploring their own strengths and passions?

Understanding your own identity and recognizing the season you are in is crucial. Without this self-awareness, you’re essentially shooting in the dark. For individuals blessed with multiple gifts and passions, it becomes even more important to discern the current season of life and focus on what truly matters in that particular season.

To stay organised and avoid distractions, it is good to document your thoughts, plans, and ideas in a notebook. Most of the time the main thing you build would have branches and these branches could be the other ideas you have noted down. This practice allows you to see the connections that will emerge from your main pursuits. Similar to a tree, the branches get their nourishment through the trunk from the roots.

Without this clarity, you risk having numerous underdeveloped concepts that fail to reach their full potential.

3. How do women especially mothers create time in their busy schedules to spend time with God consistently?

As a believer, it is crucial to place God at the center of your life. Make your relationship with God a topmost priority. Without seeking His guidance, you would basically be operating blindfolded.

Starting your day with God is essential for receiving the direction and inner peace you need. Recognise that prioritisation is key in all aspects of life. Understand that there is a season for everything and learn to discern and allocate your time and energy accordingly.

As a mother, it is important to seek help when necessary. Understand your own limitations and the practicality of what you can juggle. Prioritising your health is vital. By taking care of yourself, you set a positive example for your children and reinforce your own self-worth. Remember, you have only one earth suit.

Remember that self-care is not selfish; it is smart!

Make sure to allocate dedicated time for yourself to promote your mental well-being and gain clarity in life. Creating a well-structured schedule is highly beneficial for effectively managing tasks and responsibilities. It is also important to understand your strengths and weaknesses in each area of life.

Establish and maintain healthy boundaries. Be guided by the Spirit of God rather than societal pressures or the opinions of others. Allowing others’ judgments and criticisms to dictate your life only makes you a prisoner of your own life.

If your mental health is not in check and you are not prioritising your relationship with God, it can be challenging to maintain the focus needed for effective planning and decision-making.

Remember that self-care is not selfish; it is smart!

4. How can women have the confidence to pursue their dreams despite setbacks or obstacles?

It is essential to grant yourself grace and patience when learning something new. Just like a baby doesn’t transition from the womb to working a job, as adults, we should approach new ideas with the understanding that progress also takes time and we should see new ideas as taking baby steps.

Embrace the fact that mistakes are inevitable on this journey, and life may not always follow a straight path. Each step, even if small, contributes to your growth and development. Confidence is built by actually stepping out and doing the thing.

Feeling nervous or having butterflies in your stomach is natural, especially when embarking on something meaningful. Embrace these emotions as indicators of the importance that this endeavor holds for you. Lean into them and allow them to motivate you rather than deter you.

Remember that you are feeling nervous because it is important to you.

5. What are some practical measures for women to prioritise their mental health and well-being?

Prioritising both sleep and exercise is crucial for your overall well-being. Adequate sleep allows your body and mind to rest, recharge, and repair, while exercise has the remarkable ability to generate new brain cells.

Discovering the type of self-care that resonates with you is essential. Each person is unique, so take the time to explore and identify self-care practices that bring you joy, relaxation, and rejuvenation. It could be anything from watching a movie, doing absolutely nothing, engaging in a hobby, spending time in nature, or simply having quality time with loved ones.

Remember that self-care is not a one-size-fits-all concept. What works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. Pay attention to your own needs, preferences, and limitations, and tailor your self-care routine accordingly.

6. For the women who feel inspired by your message and want to learn more about your coaching services or connect with you personally, what is the best way for them to reach out and start a conversation?

Tinell offers both group coaching and one-on-one coaching services. For more information, please visit her website, reach out via email, or connect through her Instagram profile.



Intagram: @1womanmovement / @tinelldickens

7. And what final message would you like to share with women?

As a woman, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of your values. In today’s marketing landscape, there is often an attempt to sway women and make them question their own values. However, it is important to stand firm in your own standards and not let popularity or trends dictate your principles. Take the time to truly know yourself and embrace your unique calling and purpose. Let your values and purpose serve as your guiding compass.

Identify your life vision, know what your standards are and be the standard. Don’t forget that its okay to be different or unique.

8. Bonus conversation

I had a 10-15 minutes chat on leadership and submission. I also could not resist it, I had to bring in the topic of men. Watch the full video below and I’d absolutely love to hear what resonated with you the most.

Share your thoughts and let’s keep the conversation going!

Instagram Live session with Tinell Dickens on Empowering Women.

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