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A Decade Together: 10 Insights from Our Journey

Welcome to our anniversary blog post, where we share quite succinctly our own perspectives from being married for 10 years. A lot of years together, but it also brought with it invaluable lessons, navigating unknown spaces and incredible moments of growth. As we celebrate a decade after saying “I do,” we’re excited to share our combined observations — five from each of us — that have shaped our relationship and is still shaping and transforming us as individuals.

Disclaimer: Please note that we are not professional marriage counselors. However, we are excited to share our personal observations gleaned from a decade of marriage. Our intention was to independently reflect on our experiences and then exchange our observations, leading us to discover a common theme that resonates with us both. So, join us as we share our observations, knowing that every marriage is unique, and these observations are simply our own. Let’s dive into our journey and explore the common thread that has woven its way through our ten years together.

The reality is that I started writing a long essay and when I received Sampson’s observations, I went back to summarise it.

Sampson’s perspective

1. Come with your authentic self.

2. Communicate always (whether good or bad).

3. Build values that will help the home and children.

4. Sacrifice is one thing you will need to do.

5. Support your spouse and give feedback on every enterprise.

Opie’s perspective

6. A strong foundation of faith in God is crucial for our marriage, providing hope and peace in challenging times; while we’re still on the journey, I’m grateful for the progress we’ve made.

7. Navigating the loss of our triplets shortly after marriage taught us that everyone grieves differently, emphasizing the importance of supporting each other through unforeseen challenges and respecting our differences.

8. Throughout our marriage, we’ve faced the challenges of personal growth, with me struggling to let go of the past impression of my spouse and adapt to their evolution, but my partner handled my own changes well.

9. Recognizing that we’re not identical, I’ve learned not to judge my spouse based on my own expectations, realising that open communication is healthier than keeping score.

10. Embracing the beauty of diverse interests and individual purposes, we’ve found harmony by taking an interest in each other’s activities, relying on honest, respectful, proactive, and open communication to tackle challenges together instead of tackling each other.

What common themes can you identify from our different perspectives?

Lots of love,

2 thoughts on “A Decade Together: 10 Insights from Our Journey

  1. Mutual support and sacrifice. May God continue to bless your marriage, Opie and Sampson 🙂

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