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Hi, I’m OPIE. I am passionate about spreading good cheer and inspiring content. If you have a story to share or need a listening ear, I am your go-to person. Send a simple Hi! to me at omtsdigest@gmail.com.


I am a mother of two, wife, Chartered Accountant (that explains why we have a business and finance section) and a freelance writer. This blog is basically a historic map of my journey in life including the hard knocks and how myself and others strived to keep going after the fall. It aims to be a source of inspiration and motivation to others using life’s experiences and observations including interesting episodes on my journey to motherhood, that is the ups and downs and any other area my curious mind might drift to. And it does drift a lot!!!

OMT’s Digest is run by a mom who is on a mission to inspire others through her content. Get to know the chain of events that inspired the different aspects of the blog.

2014 (The main inspiration): My husband and I lost our triplets at 27 weeks and that was the first blow life hit me at 28years old. The loss of our kids brought out an inner strength (never knew my husband and myself had it in us) and a better focus on life. The Family Corner and Motherhood Tales shares stories that inspire parents especially mothers juggling work or business with parenting.

2016 (I learnt from the stories of others): My interest to get to know the stories of others rather got me on a learning journey and in the process gained an opened mindset. The realities of life and The section of odds cover posts on life that my mind randomly catches on from interactions with others.

2019 (I started becoming self-aware): I became aware that I was a religious Christian with no personal relationship with God. I decided to start a personal Bible study journey even if it would take me years (no pressure!). I also love to listen to podcasts and I love to create simple inspiring quotes from my listens. If you need to read about my personal journey and grab short inspirational quotes then religion and inspiration is the place for you.

Out n About started as a journal of my personal interactions with cab drivers but with time captured places I visit with my family to help others plan visits on a budget. Afterall, a change in scenario is recommended for managing stress.

2020 (My favourite!): COVID almost led my introvert self into a state of depression and lack of self-worth. I succumbed but gradually fought back and today I am very passionate about helping others regain their mental health. Realities of life and Religion and inspiration is your go to place for this.

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Most importantly, I try to take it easy on myself and not put myself under too much stress. Like I mentioned earlier, I have agreed with myself to ask for help where necessary. Good health is more important. When I am tired, I rest! I have learned not to prove anything to anyone at the detriment of my health.- Emma Ampah


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