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Letter to my potential employer from a ‘neglected’ job applicant

As a job seeker, what are some of your good and bad experiences? Share with us.

Managing your finances

Quitting my job to be a temporary stay at home mum to my daughter with my husband’s support has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It came with its ups and downs. It’s unusual and considered risky in this country, considering the current state of the economy for one

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Excelling with Microsoft Excel: Self-learning series 1 (Shortcuts and sparklines)

Microsoft Excel is an important tool for most accounting and finance professionals. Knowledge of excel saves time and helps in financial analysis among other benefits. I realised most of us believe we have the knowledge but truthfully speaking, it is basic and limited. This useful resource in my opinion is currently being underutilised. Thanks to

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Keeping your personal email safe

It’s common these days for emails and social media platforms to be hacked. You are either a victim or a witness. Currently, most of our social media profiles are linked to our personal emails. These are tips most of us are well aware of, but of course, like we all do we fail to put

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