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Will equal opportunity ever dispel feminism?

The society criticizes extreme feminists but I dare say that the so-called extreme
feminists are the by-product of the same society’s actions and inactions. In one vein,
when a woman stands to speak, the society asks “where is her husband?” as if having a
husband by her side gives her the right and power to express an opinion on issues.


The ball is in your court! What will be your next move?

I was contemplating between having this as one of my quotes or just a short blog piece. I eventually settled for the latter. Enjoy the read. I woke up one morning in deep thought (luckily the kids were still asleep so I had the luxury to do this) and feeling confused because I felt the

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From Figures to Marketing: The journey of a newbie Network Marketer

I took on the challenge of network marketing which was a scary thought for me in the first place. People who know me from my childhood days would find it equally shocking. I know my weaknesses and network marketing is certainly not one of my strengths, I am the kind of person who won’t want

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