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Birthday on a budget (B on B)

Why should parents expend a lot of resources on a 1 year old’s birthday? Am sure we would get a lot of arguments for or against, if it was a debate topic…..

“Pre-payday” January borns

God willing next week my daughter will be a year old. Time surely does fly too fast. Just a few months back when she was all fragile, suddenly, she is a bubbly, busy for nothing infant running all around the house. A sure sign that I am also growing old. 🙂 A year old means

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Family time

The topic I opted for today reminds me of my dad. Allow me to sidetrack a bit, Back in primary school he used to guide me with my homework. He was more like an extension of my school hours………that’s not something every kid enjoys. He would go through just one of my maths assignment questions

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Looking back one year down the line

Just realised it’s been a year since I officially transitioned from a full-time career woman in the corporate world to a stay-at-home mum. Looking back, it’s been worth it and I have no regrets in respect of the decision we made, by this I mean my husband and I. The only regret I have would

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