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Dads’ corner||Meet Emmanuel Agyapong, the continuous improvement dad

………The challenge is the race to make money to make life comfortable for the kids and for yourself. You have to figure out how to tow the line between being there for your kids and being able to make enough money to take care of them to make them happy and to make you happy as well…

4 ideas to help you kick start the culture of positive family traditions

I have the best memories as a kid eating ice cream. It was a family tradition that I had with my father. It was nice.

Michael Strahan

3 lessons parents can learn from the story of the 9 year old first crayon activist

On a recent morning when a first-grader asked her why her hair was “so crazy,” Bellen considered her large Afro, which has been both a source of compliments and teasing in her life. She then told the girl, “Maybe God wanted it to match my personality, because I’m all over the place.” – Washington Post