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“We should all be feminists!”

“However, feminism is not a fight between the genders; it is a fight against the ‘system’ that, sometimes unintentionally, insists on keeping women in a certain ‘box’.”

Guest blog post: Sinnibah’s take on facing criticisms and judging in haste

Guest Blogger for today is Sinnibah my “adopted” cousin. This post has taken long in coming. She is a good writer BUT am always having issues with getting her to get her blog running.  She actually wrote this out in her notebook (one other thing she is good at but not typing it out……..eyes rolling….) and getting her to

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What if I told you your job doesn’t have to be fulfilling? This is a childhood friend’s blog. It’s worth reading. A lot of people find themselves in this situation and unfortunately this impacts negatively on their families and friends indirectly. Do you love your job? If not, what are some of the endurance mechanisms you employ?