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Diary of a Ghanaian taxi driver 3

This post has been sitting in my drafts since June 2016, that’s how long I have been preoccupied with family, work and other equally important things. This is a continuation of my personal project of documenting my encounters with taxi drivers. On this particular day my assigned official car had gone for servicing so I

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Diary of a Ghanaian taxi driver 2

This is the second part of my taxi driver interactive series. I got a cab from Roman Ridge to take me to Dzorwulu for a meeting. There was the usual bargaining of charges then off we zoomed to my destination. That was where I remembered I had started a blog post devoted to  the stories of

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Diary of a ghanaian taxi driver 1

I recently hailed a taxi to take my daughter for her monthly weighing. Whilst in the car, I realised I had never made any effort to find out about how this particular man ended up in the taxi driving business. The conversation I had with him was interesting and this has pushed me to explore

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