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Capturing and sharing your little angels’ special moments

All first time parents are overjoyed when their bundle of joy is welcomed into the world after waiting for the long 9 months period. They finally get to meet this cute little angel. It’s a feeling no amount of words can describe. All the special moments, first times and milestones reached need to be captured

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Birthday on a budget (B on B)

Why should parents expend a lot of resources on a 1 year old’s birthday? Am sure we would get a lot of arguments for or against, if it was a debate topic…..

Family time

The topic I opted for today reminds me of my dad. Allow me to sidetrack a bit, Back in primary school he used to guide me with my homework. He was more like an extension of my school hours………that’s not something every kid enjoys. He would go through just one of my maths assignment questions

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