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Birthday on a budget (B on B)

Why should parents expend a lot of resources on a 1 year old’s birthday? Am sure we would get a lot of arguments for or against, if it was a debate topic…..

“Pre-payday” January borns

God willing next week my daughter will be a year old. Time surely does fly too fast. Just a few months back when she was all fragile, suddenly, she is a bubbly, busy for nothing infant running all around the house. A sure sign that I am also growing old. 🙂 A year old means

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Managing your finances

Quitting my job to be a temporary stay at home mum to my daughter with my husband’s support has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It came with its ups and downs. It’s unusual and considered risky in this country, considering the current state of the economy for one

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