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When being consistent eventually pays off

I felt someone gently tugging at my arm, at that moment I was in deep sleep mode so it felt like a dream. The tugging however continued oblivious to my state of sleep and increasing with frustration each time there was no response from my end. I heard “Mummmyyyyyyyyy mummmmyyyyyyyy wake up!”, it was difficult

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The little things we take for granted

If you believe for the mere fact that once you are a Christian, you should not encounter any suffering, sadness or pain in your life, then I beg to differ. Do not allow one bad experience to affect your faith in God. Before you rush to become an unbeliever think through the following: You woke up

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Prayer on behalf of a helpless father

On the road to church today, we heard the consistent tooting of a car’s horn that was approaching from behind. This isn’t something new if you live in Ghana. It’s preferably considered quicker to use any personal form of transportation rather than wait on an ambulance. Out of curiosity my husband and I turned towards

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