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Reality check! Does “it” belong in your closet of life?

What are the unnecessary items tucked away in your closet of life? It’s time for a reality check!!!

God, what are you up to?

“Try this out anytime you are down and let me know how it goes by reaching out to me (omtsdigest@gmail.com) but I can bet my one million dollars from the gari I sell that in this game the only one who emerges as the loser is the devil!”

5 keys to stop overthinking #mindsetmentor


Rob Dial’s Mindset Mentor podcast is one of my top 5 podcasts I listen to (I promise to share a list of my top 5 podcasts that inspire me to be the best version of myself in a separate post). I listened to this episode on “5 Keys to stop Overthinking” and decided to summarise

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Leap of faith!

This picture hubby took inspired me to put this short piece up. Instead of staying grounded, Why not take that leap of faith? Afterall what do you have to lose? The critics would say why jump when you are certain to land back on the ground. And I say if there is nothing to lose

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