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Reality check! Does “it” belong in your closet of life?

What are the unnecessary items tucked away in your closet of life? It’s time for a reality check!!!

Why do you do the work you do?

Dear Cherished OMT follower, Thanks for your feedback this far. Kindly spare some time to complete this short survey on work goals for the next blog post project. The intention is to understand what drives people to engage in certain careers or work in particular office environments etc. If you have already taken it, kindly

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Birthday wahala and an itsy-bitsy dose of egocentricity

July, one of My special “Js” is my best month because it’s the month of my birth and wedding among other factors. And also by way of information, it’s my birthday today (let the well wishes flow).  Before you start requesting for your cake and party please read this post and you might possibly have a change

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