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How I spent the 1st week with my kids at home #coviddiaries

The date was 15th March…………. I didn’t know the reason but I really felt energised to get things done that day. I rearranged their room because 2020 is the year my kids sleep in their own bed……of course with me by their side 😅. I never said it was going to be easy! Me paa,

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2 kids, 5 Christmas reminders!

A Very Merry Christmas to you! All too soon we are ending 2019 with just less than a week to enter into a new year! 2020! 2020 always rings a bell in the minds of the 80’s babies, VISION 2020 (twentey twentey! aba o! in Bukom Banku’s voice). It sounded so far off and now

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Which phase are you facing? ………#discoveringwhoIam……….

I recently discovered a new show on Netflix, A Little Help with Carol Burnett, where a group of kids are made to listen then advise the adults who are featured on the show with their dilemma. You will be surprised or maybe not if you are familiar with kids of today, by the kind of

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