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“It is good to delegate,” says Jethro

Papa Jethro, Oga Moses’ father-in-law is the inspiration behind this post.

He advised Moses to delegate if God so commands to manage his stress and increase the satisfaction level of those who come to him to seek counsel.

Exodus mysteries

We have successfully completed the book of Genesis (loud applause) and just started with the book of Exodus of my personal Bible study journey. I have been reading Exodus in bits for a while till it dawned on me that I had lots of questions and not much of discoveries like my Genesis journey was.

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“The bad episodes, the mistaken sense of enmity and patience for the last show”- Lessons from Joseph’s story

It’s been a while since I posted my little musings from my discover the Bible on my own project. For those seeing this for the first time you can check out my earlier posts since I embarked on this journey: Vengeance is for the Lord, Prayer for a discerning mind, What did he do wrong?

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Prayer for a discerning mind

When God planned on destroying Sodom and Gomorrah, he gave Lot and his family the opportunity to save themselves before the big destruction. But what did his sons-in-law do? They took the message as a joke and guess what?……….. their only window of salvation was lost! We feel down and lost in this world sometimes.

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