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Excelling with Microsoft Excel 7: Excel 2010 ( Date formulas and shortcuts)

This is the final post of my Excel 2010 journey  with Alison.  Finally! Although I missed my target timeline of completion but the important thing is that I have completed and passed my test. You can check out the previous post on the “if” function. Dates and formulas This is useful when the task involves finding the

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Excelling with Microsoft Excel 5: Excel 2010 (Sparklines and Tables)

I am almost through with the Alison online Excel 2010 course with four modules left to complete. Remaining modules are on macros, if functions, Microsoft Office security, working with dates in Excel and planning payments and savings in Excel. If you have missed my earlier posts on tips I have come across in my Excel

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Excelling with Microsoft Excel 4: Excel 2010 (Vlookup and formatting)

This post is evident that we are making progress with the self-learning series on Microsoft Excel. I appreciate the positive feedback that I have been receiving so far. Currently I have completed 41% of the course so I presume we still have more new tips to learn together.  I hope that at least the previous

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